June 23, 2011

Almost Friday

I was in the Pocket City earlier this week. You know, Dale Evans' favorite city. I did the Supertramp thing for my return -- I took the long way home. The drive was nice through the hills of Southern Indiana. It is nice to put the car over some curves and hills occasionally.

There is nothing of interest to report. Based on my stats, there are not too many of you left  to report these non-events to anyway. There is no doubt in my mind content has a lot to do with my declining readership, but my hits are down 40 to 50%. Let's face it, blogging is dying. Most of the peeps have headed over to Facebook. I look at it like this, I need to get weaned off this hobby. I have said it before, I have no intentions of getting caught up in another time-eating social media. I have done the blog thing since 2005 and have pretty much bored you all enough.

No -- I am not threatening to quit. I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon, but I will not be taking up my virtual pen in another medium.

The pile of to-do items on my desk gets longer every day.  Perhaps I should tackle a few of those unpleasant tasks today. On the bright side it is payday, so there is actually a little money in my bank account. Until tomorrow. Mortgage, car payments, food; someone always wants a piece of me.

Now I have Supertramp swirling in my noggin. You can too:

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Well hey Joe, I just found your blog recently and although I can't hit you every day I check in a few times a week. I always enjoy reading your stuff so keep it going. okay?

Joe said...


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