June 13, 2011

Here on Gilligan's Isle

I mowed the yard yesterday. It was a pleasant day; the temperature in the seventies. i was in the mood to throw some meat on the grill last night. The boy asked for tacos instead.  Since he only gets to eat home about one day a week (see below), I agreed.

The big price increase tour continues this week.  Raising prices to your customers sure makes you an unpopular guy. Some of the responses are pure hyperbole.  I got a response email on Friday explaining how we are an awful supplier. We have held prices since 2005, in spite of raw materials, currency. energy, etc increasing by double digits.  We have never had a quality problem, we have never missed a delivery -- even by one day.  Sarcasm alert -- yes we suck.  The widget industry  is notorious for poor deliveries, late shipments and putting customers on allocation with the first sign of an manufacturing upswing. We are an exception. I am tempted to tell the guy to piss off. He will be back after paying higher prices and not getting product. I won't. But I want to.

I get to travel with company bigwigs this week.  As I get older and even more set in my ways I like travelling with others less and less.

Last week's SI Power rankings listed the Cubs at 30th -- the worst team in baseball. I don't think I can argue.

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Rae Rae said...

What IS it with the tacos anyway?

Our latest taco avoidance tactic: SHE gets tacos - we eat cheeseburgers.

Yeah... So I'm a short order cook now.

Beats the taco heartburn.

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