June 13, 2011

Why should I vote for you?

We are still a ways from the Presidential elections. But as a nation we have to begin taking a hard look at the future.

If you are member of the Democratic Party, what would you list as your accomplishments? If you were The Obama, why should America re-elect you as President?  If you are running as Democrat what have you done to deserve election or re-election?

At some point, you cannot convince the average American to vote against the other guy.  McCain, Dole, the Democrats in Congress last fall proved that point well.  You have to stand for something.

The same is true for a Republican running for office.  It is not enough to say you are not a Democrat, you are not The Obama. We are looking for a plan to bring the economy to life, to ease unemployment, and reduce the crippling deficits. How will you fix what ails us at home without further weakening our foreign policy?

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Nobody running yet has my vote. And probably won't.

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