June 3, 2011

I hate people

The Feds have spent a couple of million bucks to scrap the old food pyramid and presented us with a new food pie. The same people who feed their kids Twinkies for lunch will ignore this advice too. No matter how many pie charts, graphs, or pyramids you show kids, they are still going to eat what tastes good. Listen, we all know what we should eat and what is food is good for us. It won't make my son eat veggies and it will not make him like fruit. The whole thing is just another example of the Government taking my money and wasting it.

I ran into the biggest jerk and asshole I have met in a long time at the airport the other day.  It was a TSA guy. Clearly he was taken in with his power. Perhaps the Feds could take some of my hard earned money they have confiscated from me and use it to train their employees in customer service. Just because you can be an ass, does not mean you need to. I bit my tongue, I had neither the time or desire to get a special security check.

I ignored three different sets of travellers at two different airports asking to move forward in the security line because their planes were boarding or about to board. I did not tell them no, I just ignored their bleating. I am growing increasingly hard-hearted to people who cannot bother to get to the airport on time. The ridiculous TSA stuff has been going on a long time. It has been decades since anyone could come to the airport and board a plane without going through security.. Every reservation and ticket states one should arrive at the airport two hours early. An inability to budget your time does not mean I should let you in line in front of me.  Nicer folks than I let them move to the front of the line.

Unlike the TSA people, I am not dealing with "customers" at the airport. I can be a dick. I am growing increasingly sick of the entitlement attitude expressed by most Americans. One couple was complaining they might miss their flight -- mentioning the troubles they had when they were late to their flight in Palm Springs back in January. One would have thought they had learned their lesson. Instead, the plane will push off late waiting on these assholes.

The Feds should put out a new pie chart explaining how people who feel entitled are sucking the life right out of me. I find them at the store, at the movies, at the airport, at restaurants. They are on the highways. They are jogging in the middle of a busy street.

Maybe I need to look for a new job.  Travel clearly puts me in a pissy mood.


Jean said...

You need a vacation... but not to a busy tourist site where most of the assholes congregate by the thousands.
Trust me on that. They are no nicer when they get OFF the plane.

Mockingbird said...

What Jean said.
Hoosierman, take a vacation...to Indiana.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You may have just answered the question of "why do people go postal/on shooting sprees?"
Guns are much to quick and merciful for the lazy-ass sonsofbitches out there who want everything given to them, so if you read about some guy in Fort Wayne that went nuts on a bunch of moochers with a ball bat...
Come bail me out! ;)

Joe said...

I just sat and enjoyed a beautiful summer night last evening and my mood improved. But I am going to take your advice. I am going to use up some of those frequent stayer hotel points and take the wife on a mini-vacation next month.

Jean said...

Good for you, Joe! Excellent choice.

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