June 10, 2011

It really is another day at the office for Democrats

I discussed the lack of response from the NOW organisation and prominent Democratic women on Weinergate in this post.

Oddly enough, the AP agrees with me.

WASHINGTON – Pursed lips. Frosty glares. Polite demurrals. Icy silence. Women in politics are grappling with the distinctly unfunny choice of restraining themselves or letting rip what they really think about Rep. Anthony Weiner's X-rated online conduct and whether he belongs in Congress.
They'll be vexed by the question awhile longer because the 46-year-old Democrat from New York City told the New York Post on Thursday he won't resign.
The scandal presents a maddening choice for these female leaders, none shy, between speaking out or keeping quiet about behavior that, at best, is disrespectful of women. Source

I love to be right. Read the whole thing. Heck, the title of the article even agrees with me:

Top Democratic women dodge tough call on Weiner


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The freaking dumb blonds probably have all banged him!
The one running the DNC feeeeeels wetbacks have more rights than American citizens, and if he's ever "walked on the wild side/putted from the rough", you know damn well he's gonna get a major league pass.

Cappy said...

Sounds like liberal lady tash can't handle Weiner.

Rita said...

Feminists NEVER stand up when the culprit is a liberal. They completely ignored that Bill Clinton's REAL crime was lying in Paula Jones' trial against him for sexual harassment. If he had been a Conservative, he would have been hung out to dry (so to speak). They have no issue with old men making nasty sexual remarks about Sarah Palin's underage daughters, but they scream bloody murder any other time.

Hypocrits. Always have been, always will be.

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