June 11, 2011

Raining frogs

Frogs are very different from cats. Cats have nine lives.  Cats land on their feet.

When frogs drop from about seven feet, not only do they land on their back, but they die.

I know these things.

Yesterday afternoon I opened the front door to fetch the mail.  As I did, I saw something drop and go "plop" on the stoop.  I will be honest and admit I thought some critter was attacking me in the nanosecond before the sickening splat on the porch. I am pretty sure cause of death was froggy-type guts coming out of frog mouth -- if you are looking for a technical description.

Poking it with my shoe likely did not help. There was no stick handy to do stick science. The frog was dead certainly by the time I picked scraped it up with the shovel . I chucked it into the bushes and overgrown ground cover at the side of the house, just in case it takes a while for the remaining eight froggy lives to take effect. I am caring like that.

The neighbor's cat will probably eat it.


Mockingbird said...

No, wait!
Save it for me. I'm hungry.

Cappy said...

Next, lice followed by boils.

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