June 17, 2011

A meandering post that just kind of fizzles at the end ( I really know how to sell 'em, eh wot?)

I am finally back from my long business trip this week earning my meager pay in a big way. I am pleased this trip was remarkably free of assholes. Hardly a jerk provided cause for me to cuss and swear. This is good for the old blood pressure, it does not offer much fodder for reporting on the old blog.

I was sure surprised when I got home.  The boy cut his hair off.  He has sported a dense shaggy mane for a umber of years and he cut it all off.  Buzz cut, if you will. I almost didn't recognize him.

I got a late start this morning, and I had several emails to attend, so this post is a bit late.

Father's Day is Sunday, I am told. I don't really want anything. If the yard were to magically mow itself or the shrubbery shed it excess branches and leaves, well that would be cool. The daughter will be still on vacation to tropical locales, and both the boys have to work.  I think I will motor off to the great flatlands of the Hoosier Heartland to say hola to my Papa. Then maybe we will come home and cook some burgers on the grill.  To be honest a Father's Day without plans sounds mighty pleasant to me.

Wadda ya mean I'm anti-social?

I forgot.  Remember the post below where the boy put in his notice?  Look it up yourself if you really care. On his last day the owner called him in and told him he was sorry to lose him, my son was one of his hardest workers.  He promised a reduction in hours, a promotion to prep cook, and a pay raise if he stayed. The boy will not be moving to the golden arches after all. He was not happy I made him go to McDonalds and tell them he was not coming to work after all. Welcome to the grown up world son. Doing the right thing often sucks.

It is Friday, Enjoy your day. WTH, knock off early if you can.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Good for the boy.

Father's Day should never be structured. Fathers don't need yet another day of being told what to do, where to go, and when to be there. Have a happy one.

Jean said...

Congrats to the son and Happy Father's Day to you.

As for me, I did knock off early today. Involuntarily.
Got laid off.

Recession? What recession?

Joe said...

that sucks, Jean.

you are in my prayers.

They are hiring in Indiana. No fires, but we do have shitty winters.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Nathan beat me to it, but I'll second: Good for the boy.
And Jean is our prayers also.

Jean said...

Thank you both for your prayers.
If I didn't have a house that won't sell, I might consider moving. The winters there? uh, yeah. Might kill me. heh.
This feels like one of those one step forward, two steps back situations. Oh, well. I'll just keep fighting/crawling my way through the mire.

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