June 14, 2011

Today's Post

I read the other day some environmental groups are having real issues with windmills and their effect upon the wildlife and nature.

You people need to understand the radical environmentalists want us to go back to the stone ages.  They advocate farming methods that are not sustainable, that will reduce yields significantly.  They believe there are too many people on earth. They do not want you to have a house, a car. Environmentalists hate factories and modern chemicals.

Environmentalists think they should be allowed to move to the wilderness and plant potatoes and grain with the stick in the hole method. They do not want you to live nearby. Wolves and bears and deer are more valuable than you.  People are bad -- except them.  They are the ultimate elitists. What is good enough for them is too good for the likes of the unenlightened you and me.

I see the same thing around my neck of the woods.  People move out here from the big city and then do everything in their power to keep anyone else from doing the same.  They fight tooth and nail against any development.  They hate the idea of new roads, new business, new factories.  They will protest against a new housing development miles from their home.

We all have a NIMBY attitude, but some people go too far.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I am enlightened...I bought another 1000 rounds yesterday. Get it while you can. Bullets are like garlic, you can't have too much (many).

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The "scientific" Earth-bitch worshippers differ from the BFIW fatalist "Christian" set only in the delusional aspects by which they deem you unworthy to live, and that, while the environmentalist will get in your face with his fanaticism, the Papist will lurk in musty, bureaucratic halls for decades, voting to send your kids off to "police-action" the entire world for altruistic designer causes & the enrichment of his BanKhazar masters.
Thanks to the enviroNUTs, we're going to be paying a hell of a lot more to keep the lights on soon!

Anonymous said...

I promise to only use natural lead when I shoot one.

James Old Guy

Wraith said...

Oh, yeah...you can't have solar farms, either. Just FYI.

Seriously--if the hippy-dippy granola-chomping state of Kalifornia is opposed to a solar farm in the middle of the freaking desert, I'd say that nothing we do will satisfy these fools. No matter how much we accommodate them, they'll find something else to throw a tantrum about.

They hate humanity, they hate anything that benefits humanity, and they hate themselves for being human.

What a horrible way to live.

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