August 4, 2011

A glimpse behind the curtain

Yesterday I got up, did the Email thing, read some blogs, and put up a hasty post.

I hit the road. I lunched with some good customers and hit the road again. I arrived in da region and my hotel room was not ready. I walked around in a nearby mall. I bought myself a new Cubs hat. I do not often make impulse purchases, but I did in this case.

I checked into my hotel.  Answered a few more emails. Made some phone calls. I sat and read for a while and simultaneously half-watched Judge Judy. I ate Mexican for dinner. I returned to the room. I watched the Cubs game while simultaneously half-reading. I walked the wife through some printer issues. This stuff never happens when I am at home.

I slept like a baby -- up every two hours or so. You would think in 18 years of travel I would be used to sleeping in a hotel by now. You would be wrong. The first night is always rough. I woke up to all sorts of bad news. I realized I forgot my medicine. That fact should have come to light last evening. So, I missed my diabetes meds and my cholesterol meds last night. I will miss them again this morning. I do not have to take insulin, so it is not life-threatening. Checked the old blood sugar -- slightly high but not dangerously so.  When I checked my Email this morning, my customer has cancelled my appointment for today.

I will check out of the Hampton Inn later this morning. and drive home. I tried to get some alternate appointments but lining up a customer visit with a few hours notice is impossible.

I wasted an afternoon and night. Paid for a meal and hotel. Bought something I likely would not have and skipped taking meds for nothing. Wrote a post using a boatload of sentence fragments. It is good to be me.

I think I will take old State roads home instead of I-65, just for the view. If you have ever travelled in North Central Indiana, you know that last line is funny.


Jean said...

I don't suppose your company charges the customer for appts cancelled at the last minute? sheesh.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, that blows. The least they could have done was stood you to lunch.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That's life in sales & marketing...S&M, as us vets call it: Sucks, don't it? You'll hit a gold vein pretty soon.
If I-65 is anything like I-69 this time of year (strewn with orange diamond signs that read "ROAD DESTRUCTION NEXT 400 YEARS"), I can't blame you!

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