August 4, 2011

Republicans want to kill your dog.

Wow, based on the media reporting you would think the Republicans were asking for the death of every American's first born in the recent negotiations and compromised by stripping our bank accounts.

One columnist I read today likened the Tea Party position to your neighbor demanding possession of your dog and threatening to shoot it if you did not comply.

You would think the Federal Budget was like that of a lower middle class family, living paycheck to paycheck. The evil Republicans were coming along and demanding pay cuts and putting sugar and sand in your transmission.

There is no reality to the actual bloated Federal Budget and the sheer amount of spending we have seen for the past decade.  We have doubled spending in the last three years alone! But somehow trying to reign in that spending is a crazy idea. When you have maxed out your credit cards the answer is not to keep spending! can anyone dispute that? Seriously. Argue in the comments to your heart's content.  I will give you the keys to this piece o' shit and let you post your argument.

If you had gone out and bought a new sports car, a big screen TV and taken a couple of vacations expecting a cut back when your credit cards are maxed is not unreasonable. The Democrats say you should buy a motor home and take another vacation. Doing less is draconian. They propose you take on another job if necessary, but do not, under any circumstances buy less. In fact, Democrats believe if you would just buy more stuff -- how about a computer, a new camera, and a jet ski -- your finances will improve.

You don't believe that works in real life, why do you think it works for the Government?

My God, I am really starting to think you have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to support the Democrat Party.


Ed Bonderenka said...

starting to think you have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to support the Democrat Party.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You SERIOUSLY need to quit watching (P)MSNBC, it's not good for your blood pressure.
A little less than a century ago we started letting Khazars immigrate en masse to New York state & most of them settled in New York City, monopolizing entertainment & media. Today, a hundred thousand people a year LEAVE the (Khazar) Empire Schtaat because of the draconian taxes and skyrocketing cost of living, driven primarily by their greed. A decade of war for Israel to appease their bankers & lobbies has not done so, and the contest continues between both parties to see who can move furthest left to socialistically fellate them...
And YOU (your children and grandchildren) get to pay for this bullshit, because as long as the majority population & leaders of this country are Papist, altruism toward & for the Synagogue of Satan will be rationalized as "our duty as a 'Christian Narion'!" - AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE IN DEBT!!!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Young whippersnapper to me, today, after I snarled about Obama and the Congress depth-bombing my 401(k) again:

"In the mean time I've been out working hard and investing my money properly instead of blaming Washington for all my financial woes."

Little does he realize that he'll never get to keep any of that money, if the Left gets its way. But he was born in 1983, and I'm sure doesn't even remember Black Monday. He certainly doesn't remember the recession in the early '70s and stagflation under Carter.

But that's OK. With the young, "hope" springs eternal.

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