August 23, 2011

These are a few of my favorite scenes....part 2

At this point in the week my head is usually filled with unwritten posts. Not so much today. With the Congress on break and the President on vacation from playing golf, there is not much political news to discuss.

The wife and boy are fully into the school routine and we are entering the time of year when the Midwest weather is almost perfect. There is nothing new on the work front. I cannot do the sci-fi book club thing that is making the rounds because I don't read science fiction. I admit it, I have never read even one book by Heinlein. I have read most of the crap produced by Vonnegut and all of the Douglas Adams stuff.

In other words, my life is boring. So, I offer you another video clip. Here is a scene from another of my favorite movies.  I searched for the scene of the US Navy troops marching through the streets to contrast with last week's The Wind and the Lion clip, but that part was not available.  At least I could not find it.

So watch the mighty Steve McQueen (Hoosier born) in action:

Do you know this flick?  If you have not seen it, it is a couple of hours well-spent.

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Rita said...

That's a guy flick. How 'bout one for the ladies.

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