September 30, 2011


Driving in the automobile yesterday, listening to my iPod, one song came on that described my relationship to this old blog:

It is a habit. I am used to it.  I am just not sure I have much left to say.

On the other hand, at least two ideas for blog posts occurred to me during my drive from Chicago last night. That is good news for both of you who stop by every day.  You will get fresh content in the coming days! I know -- that is certainly cause for champagne and caviar.

Today is my youngest son's 18th birthday. The joyous date has caused a great deal of evil looks and comments directed at me by my wife in the past weeks. You see, whenever the boy is asked what he wants for his birthday he tells her he wants to have a good cigar. I am pretty sure that desire is my fault. I have no doubt he would like a beer too, but that I will not provide until he is of proper age.

At dinner Tuesday the wife asked him what he was going to do on his birthday. He replied he was coming home from school, smoke a good cigar with Dad and then go out with his friends -- probably to the football game.

The look of malevolence directed at me would have scared the demons of Hell.  If the image could have been captured on Kodachrome, it could have been used as a poster to scare off Al Qaeda -- Do not mess with The Great Satan:: this is what American mothers look like when perturbed.

I think I will head to the cigar store this afternoon to get a couple of special stogies. The boy and I will celebrate his birthday and I will welcome him to the brotherhood of the leaf in style.*

Are habits genetic?

* yes I know this makes me look like a shitty parent. He is going to go buy one anyway, so he might as well have a good one instead of a Swisher Sweet or such.


Rita said...

I may not like the smell of smoke, but I'm with you on this one. Knowing your boy wants to have a cigar with his dad on his 18th birthday is something that you'll keep in your memory forever. My brother, CnC took his son out for a drink on his 21st. Of course, I'm sure that wasn't my nephew's first drink, but it was still nice to see him want to spend the evening with his dad instead of getting trashed with some friend.

Jean said...

Get someone to take a photo.

mts1 said...

Hell it's a cigar, not a three pack a day cigarette habit. Even if he has a stogie once a month you get that lung damage driving behind a bus or walking through a room where the woodwork just got urethaned. Some things are just worried to death. At least you had a good cigar birthday party.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Now I'm embarrassed again at the thought of all those Swisher Sweets I smoked...

Joe said...

mts -- tha tis my view also.

We had a nice Fuente, he enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the time together. We discussed cigars, how t olight them, how to choose them and life in general.

We do not often get time to share with our teenagers like that.

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