September 24, 2011

Saturday In the Park

Wew!, What a week. Things went to hell Tuesday and never slowed down.But the weekend is here, so three cheers for Saturday.

I was deep into a trip to the northern extremes of the Hoosier state, just south of Warsaw, Tuesday afternoon when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter. She asked if anyone had called me.  I thought it a strange question.

She informed me my wife had been taken by ambulance to the local hospital. She had no further details. I spun the wheel at the next county road interchange and reversed course down Indiana Highway 15. A long two plus hours later, I was back where I started early that afternoon. I pulled into the hospital parking lot and began the process of tracking down my fair spouse. Her ongoing gastrointestinal issues had reached a critical juncture. Pain, nausea and bleeding had finally put her in the hospital. Her hemoglobin was a measly 7.1 ( a healthy woman is 12-14). She was admitted for further treatment.

Later that night the hemoglobin fell to 5.6 so blood transfusions were ordered. She had scopes and antibiotics and other hospital-type care until Friday evening when the medicos reluctantly sent her home. She has to have more scopes and stuff in the future. I am glad she is home, but not as happy as she is to be here.

Her care was excellent, but I will say I found the hospital to be a bit depressing -- it is full of sick people.

But my girl is home and doing fine. Life is good.

Be safe and enjoy your weekend.


CnC said...

My prayers are with you guys, hope she gets better real soon!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Wow, wondered where you went.
Just got my bride of 20 years out of the hospital in time to get on the plane to Jacksonville for a wedding.
Scary stuff, huh?
Youse are in our prayers.

Grumpyunk said...

Hope they figure things out and get her squared away soon.

Fred said...

Keeping the Mrs. and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Rita said...

Glad she's home. I don't know how many different blogs I've read in the last couple weeks where the wives have had to be hospitalized. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Hope they figure it out and get her well soon.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Hope this is the beginning of a complete and swift healing.

Cappy said...

Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery. Hang in there, HB.

mts1 said...

Sorry to hear about the scare but glad they got to it in enough time to stabilize her for home stay.

Joe said...

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

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