September 21, 2011

Wayback Wednesday: Local Music Edition

if you were a teen or young adult in the late 1970's there was some great music being made. In those days even the small towns had a band or two. These bands played in the local bars and played high school and college dances. There were some great musicians and song writers out there.

If you were in Central Indiana you probably heard this gem played live.  It remains one of the most beautiful songs ever written:

These guys played at about half of my College and Fraternity dances.  I have seen them countless times. If you were cool and listened to WNAP you know this song:

Here is one from some boys from my home town.  It got some limited local airplay:  Bodacious was the first band I ever saw in "concert". They played at a number of my high school dances too.

In any discussion of local bands from yesterday. how can we leave out Henry Lee?

And finally here is one by my favorite contemporary local band:


Rita said...

LOVED Faith Band. Carl Storey used to play around here a few years back, not sure where he is now. I know I used to see him at the downtown Hyatt on NYE about 15 years ago.

My sister used to regularly see REO Speedwagon at the Sherwood when she was a teenager.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

All I know is that my wife and I went to school with several of the Polka Boys.

Faith Band was OK but never one of my favorites. Do you by any chance recall a band called Hugo Smooth?

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