October 15, 2011


It is a chilly start to a Saturday morning.  The perfect weather of the past few weeks has been replaced by - well, fall. I can hear a cold wind rattling the eves. OK, I am not even sure what that means in this modern age.  The wind is blowing hard this morning.

I updated my trusty iPhone to the new OS yesterday.  I did not turn on the "cloud".  I dig gadgets. My first cell phone was a full-sized phone in a bag. I had a Palm Pilot (TM) back in the day and and bought the succeeding new models up through the TREO.  This is my second or third iPhone. I have a Kindle and an iPad. I bought and installed a wireless printer for my office yesterday!  But the idea of my backup being stored out there in the ethernet...well, the concept does not give me the warm and fuzzy. If I lost the data on my phone, I would be sunk.

Like most old dogs, it is not the idea of learning a new trick, it is understanding why I need to learn it.I will adapt to change, it just may take me a bit of time.

This morning I will be updating the wife's phone and iPad while I peruse the interwebz. Have a safe and wonderful Saturday.


Anonymous said...

updated my Iphone on thursday, will probably do the Ipad some time today. No problems so far.

James Old Guy

Ted Amadeus said...

MEANWHILE, IT'S COMFORTING That, As The Country Sinks in red ink & the world economy collapses, the Bougoise Left have their priorities straight *ahem*:
Or not.

Jean said...

Good grief. My cell phone makes and receives phone calls. I had texting blocked. No camera. I got a newer phone a couple of months ago. Sleeker and prettier. The newest thingy on it is the option to pick pretty wallpaper(?)for the screen.
I will probably die a dinosaur.

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