December 23, 2011

Holy Toledo, what a football game

How about them Colts?  The Houston Texans continued a decade and franchise-long losing streak in Indianapolis last night. Aided by some key penalties that actually occurred and a few that never happened, the Colts led for 19 whole seconds to gain the second victory in the Dan Orlovsky era. Who needs Peyton Manning when Dan the Man is under center?

No, I was not at the game, so I do not get credit.  BUT---my daughter and son-in-law were there, so it is more apparent than ever a member of my family needs to be the guest of honor at all future games.

Holy Toledo, who would have thought the Colts could win again? And more importantly, why do we say Holy Toledo?  Why not Holy Rochester or Holy Evansville? Holy St. Marys has a more reverent sound if we have to use towns from northwest Ohio. I have been to Toledo and there is nothing Holy about it. Maybe Holy Toledo is a euphemism for Holy Hell? In that case wouldn't Holy Detroit be more fitting? Maybe Holy Gary? Those cities are both more representative of the nether regions than of Heaven.

Oh grow up, Detroit. Who makes a list of places they want to live and writes "Detroit" at the top in crisp black Sharpie?  No one, that's who.

If you want your colloquialism to have a degree of alliteration wouldn't Holy Hoboken better fit the bill? Perhaps Holy Billings would be better.  I always thought Billings would be a nice place, in the summer. Some might argue Holy Salt Lake City would be a better saying. I have been told Hawaii is Heavenly, so Holy Hawaii conjures images of an afterlife spent on spotless beaches. Plus it is another example of the double-H thingy.  I  do not think Holy Los Vegas is appropriate, other than I wager more prayers are uttered in Vegas than the Vatican City. See that, Dear Reader, how I mixed "wager" and "Vegas" into one snappy sentence?

After about 64 seconds of reflection, I think Holy Houston is the best phrase to use -- as in Holy Houston, you choked.


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered about the phrase,at least it isn't Holy Cleveland. Then again I live near the Holy City of Charleston, actually not all the Holy more like a tourist infested, drug blighted, reverse racism home of faded memories. We do have one purty bridge and old Fort slipping into the ocean.
James Old Guy

Rita said...

I had a funny feeling you would somehow take credit for the win. And the funny thing was that as soon as the last touchdown hit, I posted on my Facebook page, "Holy Smokes, Batman." Ah, see, you forgot about that one.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Toledo Spain.
There are a number of people who choose to live in Detroit, but that's in the Waterfront Area that's rather upscale.
I work in Toledo.
I've driven through large areas that looked post-apocalyptic. Just empty.

Jean said...

Ed's right. Toledo, Spain.

We won't even consider Holy Daytona.

So, did a big cigar get burned in celebration?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The one time I was in Toledo, the only thing I could think of was "Damn, what a shitty place."

So my best guess is that it really means "Holy Shit."

Rita said...

Anyone remember the song John Denver wrote about Toledo?

marcus said...


marcus said...

How 'bout, Holy Shit?

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