December 4, 2011

A study of premarital sex frequency among public, private, and private-religeous educated high school students

I have completed my daily wrestling match with the coffee filters. It went the distance and after a couple of escapes. a reversal, and one near-fall, I declare my self victor. I maintain I like my coffee double-filtered so you can just shut up about it.

There was a weird vibe in the air as I took my constitutional yesterday. I have a couple of routes I walk through the subdivision and I took the shortest. It is about 3-1/2 miles. It has been several days since I was able to walk due to travel and rain and explosive diarrhea and other issues we can't discuss because of a binding non-disclosure agreement.

Anyway I had my Christmas tunes playing in my earbuds as the bright sun made the low 40's temperature seem warmer than it was. I counted three houses being roofed and one crew replacing siding. You would have thought it was early summer, not just days before Christmas. I guess folks are spending their Holiday Cash on home improvements this year. Maybe the very heavy amounts of rain and wind we have experienced over the past month have exacerbated the situation and those old roofs need to be replaced.  Much of the neighborhood is comprised of houses built in the1980s and early 1990s, so it is close to that time for roof replacements.

I guess I will sally forth into the interwebz this early Sunday morning to see what you have to say. It seems most people are posting a lot less frequently these days in this rapidly dying medium


Ed Bonderenka said...

I think I comment more than I post lately.
One reason is that I don't always have the energy to formulate the kind of post I like to write. Particularly after reading my requisite blogs.
And this a.m. it just struck me how prolific some people are in posting.
Brigit, Belmont Club, Neo-neocon, NFO.
Steve Graham is posting more again and in such depth that I have to take a breather to finish reading.
I don't know how they do it. And I get overwhelmed trying to keep up.
Frankly, I think I'll copy and paste this as a post.

Joe said...

The mention that people are not posting as often was not meant to be a crack at anyone, more a commentary upon the blog world in general.

Facetweet is the current social medium flavor. I don't participate in that world.

To be honest, I am completely aware there has not been a meaningful or worthwhile post published here in quite some time.

Perhaps I need to rethink my quantity over quality approach.

Maybe it just took six years and three thousand plus posts to say what I needed to say?

Ed Bonderenka said...

You know what Joe?
You get comments.
That shows interest.
The fact that you reported three roof jobs intrigued me, but I failed to comment on that.
Winter is a poor time to roof, not because of worker comfort, but that the tabs need heat from the sun to seal themselves and resist wind damage.

Erin O'Brien said...

There were three roof jobs because the Conservatives are personally killing puppies in order to accelerate global warming. Oh, and I am perfect.

Anonymous said...

What !!!, Conservatives do not kill puppies, those are Unicorn's.
James Old Guy

Rita said...

I'm guessing from reading the title of the post and the post itself, you must have a degree in journalism.

Anonymous said...

No, No we BBQ puppies, we kill unicorns and baby seals. Drowning polar bears is only for sport.

Journalism -- hahahahaha. No. I have a completely worthless degree in liberal arts with a major in history.


Anonymous said...

Opps srry Joe my bad, and I forgot we do love a smoked Panda Sandwich , with a side order of kitten soup.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

See Joe, that's what I meant!
Valuable intelligent conversation sparked by your insightful postings!

Rita said...

A liberal arts degree? Are you kidding me? Then you should be protesting on Wall Street and saying you shouldn't have to pay your mortgage. In the meantime, my finance degree with over 30 years experience has finally left me in 2011 with the worst employment year in my entire career.

I suppose that serves me right since I was an evil banker, stealing widow's houses out from under them so I could be greedy.

I miss being part of the 1%. ;)

Now I'm hoping I'll be part of the 47% or whatever percentage it is that don't pay taxes. Time for you to support me, Joe.

Joe said...

See, with my liberal Arts degree I studied a bit of everything -- history, language, poli-sci, econ, biology, physics, chemistry, math, speech, etc. I can do anything -- I am a well rounded educated man. You are stuck in -- finance!

Plus, my diploma is on REAL sheepskin. In Latin. I can't read it, except for my name.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Plus, my diploma is on REAL sheepskin. In Latin. I can't read it, except for my name."
One step ahead of Obama....

Rita said...

Sheepskin? I suppose if things get really bad, you could always use it as a loincloth. But PLEASE, no pictures.

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