December 5, 2011

Random Ramblings

It is raining. Again. Still. Whatever. Flood watches warnings are out.

I made a pot of chili last night. Midwestern chili; soupy with macaroni in it. I picked out all of the beans.  I hate beans. Except green beans, I will eat those. But not in my chili.

Artist rendering
I just put a load of towels in the washer.

My turds look just like chunks of anthracite coal this morning. I don't think that is natural, especially since it is my first dump in a week.

Too much information on a Monday?

Breaking News -- The Colts Suck.

Is it really possible there is not one single viable conservative candidate for President?

You have to get Governmental approval to drive a car or own a handgun.  I am told the local animal shelter has to approve you before you can take a dog or cat home. But we allow any two people who decide to procreate to have a kid, even if the two of them could not spell GED with a dictionary in hand.

I guess I would not want it any other way.

Those parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated -- you are beyond stupid.  We should bring back quarantine for those families who get chicken pox or mumps or such if they refuse vaccinations. Not only does your idiotic refusal endanger your own kid, but society as a whole.  For Chrissake Oprah is just a talk show host and actors and actresses are just people good at play acting and pretending.  Being famous or infamous does not indicate intelligence. Playing a scientist in a movie does not make you a chemist.


Cappy said...

If your diet had mor carbs, the turds would be bituminous.

Anonymous said...

If you had eaten teh beans instead of picking them out...well, you know. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Anonymous said...


Jean said...

a week??? ow.

CnC said...

Awww beans make the chili! Dark red kidney beans ya gotta love em

marcus said...

I'm gonna re-read that before I post a comment.

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