December 20, 2011

It was a Brickhouse

Today is my last day of work for the year.  I am heading into vacation -- use it or lose it mode. I am pretty much caught up with work, so I took a break and fired up a nice cigar out in the garage. I looked at it kind of like a pre-holiday celebration. The cigar was good but the temps were in the low forties. I put on a couple of sweatshirts and my body was warm enough, but my hands got cold. I refuse to smoke a stogie in gloves.  There are limits.

I enjoyed the relaxation, until I got too cold. i probably left a larger stub than I normally would.

I have grown into a huge wussy..


Ghost of Freddie said...

Gloves? In the 40s?

No further comment.

Except... I could've sworn there was this cool post up here, earlier, today...

But then, I AM gettin' pretty old.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you're cracking me up.

Joe said...

There was another post, I decided it was goofy, so I took it down.

Putting posts up and down like window blinds -- who would even consider doing that kind of thing....

No gloves, that is the point. BTW, the windchill, even in the garage (the door was up) was about 36.

Without my layer of blubber, I get cold more easily.

marcus said...

"There is little comfort in a cigar smoked in the cold."

Joe said...

Marcus -- those are true words indeed

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