January 19, 2012


Really?  The NFL Players Association wants join in the union protests over Right to Work legislation in Indiana. This legislation would make it illegal to force a person to pay union dues as a condition of employment. It would not stop unions from collective bargaining for wages and benefits.  It would not prevent anyone from joining a union or organizing any workplace.

The NFLPA is so gung ho on union membership it actually DISBANDED as a union about a year ago. That is right, the NFLPA decertified the union allowing each member to individually bargain and negotiate wages, etc. You might remember Brady et. al and their law suit against the NFL? I guess the NFLPA is OK with their members opting out, but they insist the poor UAW schmuck making a decimal point of the wages the average special teamer earns must pay into the union no matter what.

I guess those football players did not study the definition of irony in English class.

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Dave said...

I'm just wondering if union officials think their members are too cheap to pay dues, or they're afraid that their members will look closer at union finances before deciding whether to pay or not?

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