January 18, 2012

The taxpayers of Indiana are being robbed.

Refuses to work, still takes the pay
I see the crybaby Democrats are continuing to refuse to come into session in the Indiana House. They cannot defeat legislation they do not like so in true fleebagger fashion the Indiana democrats refuse to participate.

Democrats say they want a referendum on the RTW bill. Well except it is unconstitutional. But let us not let facts get in the way. Dear Democrats -- want a referendum? The true referendum will be at the ballot box.  If the Democrats are right and the People of the State do not like the law, then they will vote out the Republican majority and the new leadership can bring back unioncentric policies. It is really that simple. In the meantime, show up and vote.

Democrat lawmakers who refuse to do the work they were elected to do are stealing from the people of Indiana. Just as any employee who takes the pay and refuses to work, they should be fired. A vendor for the State who took payment and did not deliver the contracted goods and services would be guilty of fraud and theft. Representatives who refuse to show up and vote, who refuse to do the work of the people, are frauds and thieves. Last year this same group of Democrats took the pay of a Legislator and then fled to Illinois to sit in the hot tubs and bars of Champaign. Now they are stealing from us again.

This is not about good or bad legislation. That is a different argument.  This is about the failure to live up to the oath of office, about taking from the People of Indiana without conscious.

You should each be ashamed.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Pat Bauer is dumber than I thought. I thought everybody knew that referenda in Indiana are non-binding. Let alone that holding one to pass legislation is, hmm, yep, unconstitutional.

We had one in Marion County years ago when the question was put (more or less), "Should Indianapolis adopt Uni-Gov?" The response was overwhelmingly negative -- but, alas, it was also non-binding. Mayor Lugar (today our senior senileator) ignored public sentiment and plowed full steam ahead...much as he has always done as our senileator.

Anyway, these Demoncraps are pure scalawags. They're being paid to legislate, so they can get their butts in seats and go down nobly in defeat, and possibly keep their jobs -- or else.

Because walking out in two consecutive sessions is not going to sit at all well with the electorate, come November.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Time to recuse them, I'd say.
BTW, that fat ugly slob in the picture reminds me of most union goombas I ever heard run their pieholes.
Dear AFSCME: Kiss my royal Irish ass!

Cappy said...

Looks like he's going to eat the mike, if he could only get ketsup and mustard. Is that hair real?

Joe said...

Real fake. Worst wig in politics.

That would be J. Pat Bauer - D. Southbend. The leader of the Democrats in the Indiana House of Representatives. Consider him Nancy Pelosi's political doppelganger.

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