January 21, 2012


A Haiku for Jean:


Needed for cocktails
Perfect for skates and hockey
On streets, not so great

It also makes walking down the drive to fetch the paper at O'dark thirty a bit hazardous.  My Nike's do not have ice treads. I should have put on my golf shoes. I will take snow any day over ice.


Jean said...

I hope your coccyx wasn't harmed in the fetching of the paper.

You're very good at the haiku thing, Joe. FYI - Monday's haiku topic is BEAUTY.

thank you for the poem.

Greybeard said...

Easier and even more effective than cleats:
Pull a pair of wool socks over your nikes. You'll walk secure as a mountain goat.

Glad you survived the "out of highball glass" frozen stuff, and hope none of us has any more before the weather breaks. My trees suffered Mother Nature's "pruning" pretty seriously last year.

Joe said...

hah, greybeard, I learned something today.

That is a good thing.

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