January 28, 2012


Sometimes life is weird. I met up with a couple of old colleagues this week. One I met for lunch, the other on the phone. I worked with these guys back in my first real professional job. We were all on the same sales team, a small very effective bunch of guys who knew their shit. I was the customer service manage that dealt with these two outside guys (there were actually six of us total) and they convinced management I should be an outside guy too. I guess these men can be responsible or to blame for who I am today, professionally.

I have not spoken to either of these guys for a long time.  One guy I have not been in contact since 1996 or 1997. It was good to relive old times and old stories. The company we worked for was sold and split up, we all went our separate ways.

There is a dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Only the grass is covered. The wind is blowing and the coffee is hot. As often seems the case the magic iPod knows exactly the music to play on this quiet Saturday morning. While reading the news and catching up on your blogs I heard The Judds, Bob Marley, a little mellow Neil Young and one of my favorite Sinatra tunes.

Have a great weekend.
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