January 27, 2012

Dear President Obama,

I have a situation that will anger you even more than the inequity of taxes paid by Billionaire Warren Buffett and his secretary. Your "That's Unfair" meter will peg full on to "outraged".

My son will pay an effective marginal tax rate of 15%. He is a line cook at a local Italian eatery.  He works part time. I will pay a  6% tax rate, even though I am an extraordinary widget salesman and I will make significantly more income than my son this year. Do you call that fair?

Of course I am comparing my son's federal income tax rate and my local sales tax rate. But hey, we do not want to confuse the electorate do we?  Buffett pays a different rate on his investments than his hardworking secretary does on her income. I understand, it is the message not the facts, Barrack my man.  I get it, you are all about the class warfare this election aren't you? I follow your logic Mr. President.  You have to capitalize on the misery and hard feelings your economy has spawned.  You cannot very well run on your record, I suppose. As blamer-in-chief this fits well with what you do best; blame someone else.

This election you will blame the more successful in life.  Your massive increases in spending cannot be responsible for the large deficits, the rich just are not paying enough. Hey, how about we confiscate all of the wealth of all of the people making ten million or more? What, it will not make a dent in the deficit? What? The richest 50% pay ALL of the taxes? The richest 10% pay 50% of the taxes?  I guess we have to redefine "fair".

Mr. Obama there is one point upon which we do agree.  It is shameful Warren B's secretary pays a 35% tax rate.  Add in local and state taxes and that hard working woman is giving more than one half of her wages to government. In the olden days that was called indentured servitude.  The old company store worked on a similar principle. The Government has plenty of money fueling the coffers.  It is the spending that is the problem. It is time to wean the Government off my paycheck. Like I said, let us not let actual facts get in the way of a good campaign.


CnC said...

Joe I have i have just found out that Steve Jobs now pays less taxes than Buffetts sec.
In fact that rich bastard doesn't pay any taxes now. I wonder if obama thinks that's unfair.

Anonymous said...

Waiting on EOB , I am sure she can clear all this up.

Anonymous said...

Why it that people who otherwise is seems intelligent and articulate still support a President who has proven to be nothing but a snake oil salesman supreme. Is it a fear of realizing that they placed their hopes and dreams of a perfect world in a man who turned out to be a total loser? I have come to realize that the ability to turn a nifty phrase or write a complete sentence is no proof of intelligence. The truth about most progressives is that they are shallow thinkers, slogan lovers and are not capable of change. Arguing with a progressive will give you the same results as trying to milk a chicken; you end up with a hand full of feathers, no milk and a still stupid chicken. There is one major difference at least the chicken can be used for supper.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

I don't know, if you soak 'em in buttermilk before you dredge the legs in flour, progressives are not bad eating...

Hannibal Lecter

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