February 10, 2012

All us whiteys look alike

So I am down in the Southeast of the United States this week. In an unnamed city in North Carolina that rhymes with Harlotte. I head across the street from my hotel to grab some dinner.

I do not want to identify the restaurant, but the chain is named after a song by the Rolling Stones. The primary attraction was the place was across the street from the hotel.

My server was excellent. The food was good.  The beer was cold. My experience left me laughing, which is good for a big tip anytime.

My server sidles up to me after bringing my main course. She checks to see if everything is satisfactory. Then she asks me if I am the "Guy what does the news at night on Channel 36". I laughed and told her no, I am from Indiana on business, but I would be happy to give her my autograph anyway. She pretended to find this response amusing.

This is so funny because I definitely have a face best fit for radio. In addition, I lack the dulcet tones one expects in a broadcast personality. I have a bit of drawl of the Hoosier variety (for you mid-westerners that would be a south of 70 accent). I have a slight (but mostly covered through years of practice) lateral S lisp.* While I am very good at reading out loud, never has anyone at anytime in my life suggested I should be on TV or Radio, or a public speaker. Oh, I can do a public speech. Being the center of attention appeals to me in uncountable ways.But a news reader?  I think not. I lack the good looks, charm or voice of a news anchor.  I guess the lighting was bad?

* BTW who was the sadistic jerk who thought it a good idea to put an "S" in lisp?


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Charlotte! The traffic around that place is nearly as bad DC methinks. Culturally, however, it has its advantages.....

Dave said...

Somehow I never made the leap from the Rolling Stones song to the name of the restaurant.

Jon Moore said...

You would have had more options had you said, "Why yes, I am."

Jim - PRS said...

I can relate. I'm constantly being mistaken for George Clooney.

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