February 9, 2012

C'est Amazing

OK, amazing.

If you parlez French, that is really funny amusing droll.

It is amazing what I can accomplish when I put my mind to a task. In one short morning recently I forswore blogging, reading blogs and other nonsense.  In other words, I avoided all time wastage and focused on the various tasks at hand.

I completed more than a month of expense reports. I prepared for multiple customer meetings and  made several appointments. I then updated the CRM system. Over lunch  I sanded the patch in the drywall I made last week.  I fixed several nail holes in the wall throughout the house.  I painted over the patch and the nail holes and touched up some marks on the walls while I was at it. I did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher. .Oh, I fed my piehole and cleaned up the mess.

This I managed to finish before 1:00 in the PM.

Yes, you in the back?

No, I do not wear a cape, it would slow me down.


Jean said...

vous est magnifique!

Anonymous said...

please go to the kitchen and get yourself a cookie!!!

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