February 27, 2012

Dear President Obama,

I am not sure how you did in your science courses at the various institutions of higher learning you attended. I am not sure if you even took science at Occidental, Columbia, or Harvard since you refuse to  release your academic records.

I do know this, I learned in my high school studies in basic Earth Science that oil is found underground. Once upon a time there were pools floating upon the surface of the ground, but we sucked up that easy stuff long ago. The only way to get oil and thus gasoline and other petroleum based products like plastics, is to drill, drill, drill.

I also learned in State-mandated economics my senior year in high school that more of a product will lower the price of said product.  This is the basic economic law of Supply and Demand. There is no escaping this tenet of economic principle. Even in Communist economies there operated a thriving black market.  Perhaps you did not study economics either?  Again, we really do not know, do we?

There does not exist today a viable alternative to gas or cars. I think it safe to say we are a decade or two away from the ability to produce an electric vehicle with a long range motor. Even if such technology becomes available, our power sources use fossil fuels to generate the energy needed to charge the batteries. Wind power cars or water powered cars or hydrogen powered cars or algae powered cars are all still in the realm of science fiction.

We must have a domestic source of oil. There is no reason NOT to drill, drill, drill. This is not a bumper sticker. This is reality. We may have only 2% of the world's reserves.  The "how much" is arguable but completely irrelevant. If the proven US oil reserves are enough to power our needs for 250 years, then we should go after them.

We have been an petroleum-using world for just over 100 years. I have no doubt the technologies you promote will offer viable alternatives to energy in the future. In the last century we have learned to fly, sent men to the moon and entered the computer world. The future is bright. But I need gas in my car today at a reasonable price.

This stuff is really just not that hard.

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Anonymous said...

Forrest Gump is our President.
James Old Guy

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