February 27, 2012


My wife was complaining.

She said  "You are always correcting me.  Do you know how depressing that is?"

I replied "Do you know how depressing it is to be married to someone who is always wrong?"


CnC said...

If you really said that to your wife, how are you typing with your skin all clawed off?

Anonymous said...

Dead man walking.
James Old Guy

KeesKennis said...

Despite the precious CnC and James Old Guy previous comments I think that is a very good answer.
Give her some money to pay for the anti depression classes and get on with life.

A Man runs his life on his terms and he can do whatever he likes as long as he takes care of those he shelters.
He can even ask the wrong question and die for it, if he is not carefull.
But a man is only what he says he is.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Sounds like someone is tired of living!
That's an excellent way to find out just how feminStaaziism works.

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