February 6, 2012

Sunday's Post on a Monday.

I love movies.  I have stated that fact often in this chronicle.  I like movies on TV, I love them in the theater. But more and more people have no idea how to behave in public. It is almost to the point I cringe at the thought of going to see the latest romantic comedy, action feature or drama.

Saturday, the wife and I ventured forth to the big and overly crowded capitol city to see a movie.  We were in the suburbs, so the hype of the Big Game did not affect our journey. The wife had her giant bag of popcorn for us to share (over-buttered as usual) and little Coke, and I had my big cup of Coke Zero. We settled into the red plush seats to see the flick. The theater was only 1/3 to 1/2 full, so there were plenty of empty seats. As the lights dimmed and the movie started I realized SHE was sitting down the row from me.  There were about five empty seats between us.

SHE could not keep her mouth shut.  She speculated and commented throughout the movie. We got a full dose of awwws, and gasps.  We got the loud predictions of plot twists, and speculation galore. She told the entire theater what had just happened, as if we were not able to see it with our own eyes and hear it with our ears. She pointed out to us all who was being a dick, who was loveable and offered unsolicited commentary upon the scenery. Shh's and dirty looks never deterred her from offering her vocalizations.

I do not turn on the commentary when I watch a DVD at home, and I sure do not want it from a crazy amateur critic at the movie theater. As the credits began at the end of the flick, I realized she was sitting alone.  It is bad enough when some slob has a running conversation about the movie with a companion, but a one-sided conversation is just sad.

When did it become OK to sit and talk at full volume during a movie?  This happens almost every time we go to the theater these days. It is like people cannot distinguish between watching a DVD in the living room and how to exercise common courtesy in a public setting. Worse, the offenders are rarely teenagers or middle schoolers who know no better.  Often it is middle-aged moviegoers who would have gone to the movies in an age before VCRs and DVDs.

Lucky for the crazy bitch who ruined the movie Saturday night that she left 'ere the credits had hardly begun.  I had made up my mind to explain basic manners to her.  In my disgust I likely would have used the most profane language to describe her actions. I'm glad she left. Her bad manners would have brought about even worse ones from me.

Instead, you get to read about it here. Seriously, what the fuck happened to manners?


Anonymous said...

tsk, tsk, you are exhibiting intolerance, a punishable offense these days...

Erica said...

I feel you, brother. I went to the movies last week and my seat must have been kicked by the antsy dipshits behind me no less than two dozen times. Goddamned clods.

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