March 4, 2012

Centerfielder in the Corn

There has been lots of talk and ink and electronic words scattered about the political landscape regarding contraception. Here is Joe's basic rule of thumb:

If you cannot afford a lambskin/rubber/condom/raincoat/love sock/willie warmer/johnny bag/pudding cup or the monthly script for The Pill (or gas/bus fare to get to Planned Parenthood since they claim that to be their mission) you probably should not be making the beast with two backs.

If you don't have the greenbacks to prevent pregnancy, you sure has hell cannot afford to have a baby. Kids are a lifetime commitment and they are expensive.

If you are poor and cannot control your sexual urges, I suggest you 'handle' the problem.


Anonymous said...

Joe, what is the problem? They have or will have insurance, Obama has decreed that all shall have insurance or pay a fine! Obama (Blessed be his name) has also declared that all insurance companies must provide birth control. This has nothing to do with birth control it's all about freedom to have sex and not worry about making babies. Actually is has little to with that either, it is about power, power to control private enterprise, power not given to the government by the constitution. A little bite at a time, replace the head of a private company by using tax payer dollars to buy the company for the so called good of the country. Just one of a million little bites over the years to remove freedom from the people. It would be easy to just paint Obama as the only guilty party but in fact we have been giving up freedoms for years all in the name of the greater good when in fact it has been giving up being responsible for our own decision, actions or lack of decision. Nothing is free , absolutely nothing, giving away responsibility cost’s who ever or whatever picks up that responsibility . I have no problem paying taxes for those things mandated by the Constitution but I have major issues paying for other peoples lack of responsibility no matter how it is disguised.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

Back in my day (the late Jurassic) the rule was you couldn't play in the rain unless you had a raincoat and a guy was expected to provide his own coat.

Sure, we all knew it wouldn't feel as good but we figured child support payments would feel even worse.

Anonymous said...

Sadly James old Guy is on the money...

Anonymous said...

Did you see her response? "I understood I'm stepping into the public eye. But this reaction is so out of bounds of acceptable discourse. ..." The obvious indoctrination is terrifying. The liberals don't want discourse. They want everybody to sing their song or it's off with your head. The President called her, CALLED HER?????? Doesn't this scare anybody but me?

Jean said...

"Called her..." yes. Outrageous.
Next move... creating a job for her?

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I'm glad I found your blog!!

Common Cents

Ed Bonderenka said...

See Joe? If you quit, Steve wouldn't have found you.

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