March 22, 2012

I'll take "Eric Holder's full of shit" for $500, Alex...

Is there anyone who really thinks asking for identification prior to voting is a burden on anyone?  Is there an honest person who truly thinks such a requirement is discriminatory?

One has to offer identification to drive, cash a check, gain employment, collect unemployment, get food stamps, or open a bank account.

Schools give picture IDs. Many employers require photo IDs, the State will give you a FREE picture ID. Besides a nun in a convent, or perhaps an Amish farmer in the most rural area of Hooterville County, or the Uni-Bomber types living in shacks in the Montana hinterlands, who really is burdened by the requirement to provide identification prior to voting?

Are we really expected to believe the homeless guy living in a box under the overpass has two objectives in life -- scoring some Mad Dog 20/20 and voting?


Edward Bonderenka said...

You are obviously in favor of denying voting access to multidues of dead people and non-citizens.
Admit it!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, and those people actually have to leave their homes (or cardboard boxes, as it were) and go to an actual, real-live gummint office to get that free ID.

That's just a ploy to get people into the clutches of the gummint, that's what that is.


Rita said...

Here's what I can never reconcile in my head about this. The left likes to claim this is all about racism. Which tells me they believe that non-whites are too inept to be able to go to a government office to get and obtain an ID.

Call me silly, but I actually believe that blacks and hispanics are capable of getting a valid ID to vote. Especially if they are capable of VOTING.

So the party of "tolerance" actually believe that the other races are inferior to caucasians.

I don't believe that and I have never believed that.

I find it sad that a whole group of people have labeled blacks and hispanics inferior.

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