March 23, 2012

Unsavory people

How did that happen?  There were no spam comments in the blog spam folder this morning. I suspect that means I will get slammed over the weekend.

I have multiple email accounts. I imagine I am not alone.  I have a couple associated with this and my other blogs. I have a work email account. I have two email accounts at home. One for family and friends, one for giving out to businesses and other people.

Since only about a dozen people have the primary account address, it rarely gets junk mail, except when the wife forgets and gives it out. The secondary account gets a little more junk mail and spam.  Lately that account has been slammed with spam.  I am getting 30 or 40 junk emails every day. Usually two of each one. I have spent hours doing the "unsubscribe" thing, and marking the unwanted messages as spam, but it does little good. I sometimes think the spammers collect the email addresses in the unsubscribe folder and sell them as possible contacts to other marketers. If I can think of it, others have too!

Speaking of despicable human beings, you will not believe the story I caught on the local news. A few weeks ago tornadoes trashed some towns in Southern Indiana. It seems a worthless prick of a human being was posing as a Homeland Security officer and purloined a bunch of the donated supplies for himself. Sickening. I should not be surprised, some asswipes were stealing copper pipe the very evening of the tornadoes.

Make no mistake, man is a predator, and did not arrive at the top of the food chain by accident.


Yabu said...

I hear you...about the Spam. Those fuckers are relentless. I use a filter, which needs to be updated on a regular basis, Most of the time it works...most of the time. Like you, I get a lot of shit. Lord help 'em if I ever catch 'em.

Just sayin'

Jean said...

I have four mail accounts. One has never ...never had spam. The others get about five per week between them.

Rita said...

We've gotten hit with a bunch of spam in our primary account. Of course I always blame Bob because I've warned him not to click on links in email accounts. But it could have been something I've done too, but I'm not telling him that.

He's become more savvy on not clicking one links.

We got an email from our neighbor down in Ft. Myers and he knew he shouldn't click on it because when she emails us, it's about certain things, not just a random link.

He's learning.

I'd tell you to be careful clicking on the unsubscribe on spam email. Only click unsubscribe when you know it's from a legitimate company.

We got some of the scary looking bank email that hit several months ago. We read where there had been millions of records compromised from some data storage company, and their customer was our bank. I

If you hover over their link, you can see it's not directing you to your bank. Sometimes their link will even be something like

People are scum.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'd like to suggest popfile.
I've been using it for years adn it's amazing how well it sifts the spam.
After you set it up, you go into it's browser and mark mail as spam or not and it learns it as you go along. I haven't had to do that in a couple years.

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