March 12, 2012

Outraged against Rush?

Where are you Liberal, progressive women? I cannot hear your outrage, I have not read your angry blog posts.

chirpity chirp

You don't mean to tell me your outrage is just political posturing? Surely not?

Give back the money, Obama.


Erin O'Brien said...

Plenty of lib women detest Maher, but he's a media midget compared to Rush. Like it or not, Rush is viewed as the top spokesman of the GOP.

Sorry to break it to you, hoose, but you're not going to get a nation-wide outrage campaign every time some schmuck acts like a pig. But hey, you're free to boycott Maher. When did he make these comments? Why didn't the indignant Right do something then?

For the record, the "It's Okay For Our Guy To Act Like A Pig Because One Of Your Guys Did" argument ain't doin' much for the GOP's image.

As for Maher's PAC donation, I guess a pig's money is just as green as an angel's.

Joe said...

The point is Obama was sooo outraged about Rush's bloviating, but has no issue taking money from a similar dickhead. If Obama really wanted to teach his daughters a lesson he would ask the PAC to give back the money. He won't 'cause this is all politics and we both know it.

Just as the feminist outrage is limited to GOPers (remember how sexual harassment was ignored by the leaders of NOW during the Clinton years?, the liberal outrage over Rush is a joke.

Rush is a blowhard and entertainer. He is laughing all the way to the bank as thousands have tuned in to hear what he has to say next.

I think it sad that Axlerod and Wassername Shultz are outraged over Limbaugh as they appear on Maher. If you can't see the irony, I do not know what to say, MS O'B.

La Fontaine once quipped about the fly who sat upon a chariot wheel and cried "What a dust I raise". I have no such illusions. My pathetic rantings are barely heard outside the walls of my tiny home office. But my bullshit meter is pegged over all the false outrage here.

It is impossible for there to be a real political dialogue because the Democrats know most of their positions are losers to the American electorate. Instead we get obfuscation and fake outrage over this type crap. An uninformed public is The Obama's best weapon. Thus we get a perpetuation of a one sided narrative from a willing press.

Greybeard said...

Wrong is wrong.
I don't care if who is a "media midget".
And fair is fair, too. If we don't start controlling this hypocrisy, folks will get frustrated. A frustrated populace that thinks they're not being treated fairly, no matter what, is dangerous.

Erin O'Brien said...

Rush is a blowhard and entertainer.

That doesn't quite cover it. David Frum said something to this effect: Rush and Fox don't work for the GOP. The GOP works for them.

At least once during Rush's show last week (I listened to get a list of local advertisers), he referred to "abortion/birth control pills" in an effort to subtly equate abortion with taking the Pill. Taking birth control pills is abortion now? I'll do anything I can to put stumbling blocks in front of Rush Limbaugh. I never realized he was this extreme until he stepped in it with Fluke.

For whatever reason, Tush is feeding the push to put women back in the dark ages. Some 15 million listen to Rush. No one can deny that he can take part of the credit for pushing the right further and further to the extreme over the years.

Money? Fluke has a bullet proof case for libel, make no mistake.

As for Maher, I never even heard his comments until this story broke. I think Howard Stern is a slob too, but I have no reason to rail against him because he poses no threat to my freedoms.

Rush does.

Joe said...

Fox News! Fox News! Goodness that refrain gets old. The bias of ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCPBS more than counterbalances the efforts of Fox News. We will not even get into the liberal shilling of the NY Times, Washington Post et. al. BTW, the notion of an unbiased press is a new concept and largely a fiction throughout history.

Really, Rush is a threat to your freedom? You cannot possibly believe that.

Rush cannot pass legislation. He cannot send troops to war. He cannot put a justice on the Supreme Court. he has no police powers. If Limbaugh had the power over the GOP you imagine, The Party would certainly never have fielded McCain as a candidate and Romney would never be the Party favorite this time around. Boehner would not be the Speaker.

A guy on the radio is no threat to your freedom. And I find it terrifying that you think so. What next, should he be taken off the air for saying things you do not like or agree with? Do what I do most days whe nhe comes on the air -- turn the dial or shut down the radio.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from speech that offends us.

Joe said...

Oh -- and it would be slander

Greybeard said...

The moment she put herself in front of national cameras and made a fool of herself on behalf of the democrat party she became a public personna.
(And she won't pursue a suit because believe me, with a past like hers she won't want the scrutiny!)

Rita said...

I spent approximately 3 minutes online finding a Walgreen less than 2 miles from Georgetown. I then priced a well-known birthcontrol pill. I had to use an incredibly complex thingy called a calculator to determine an average annual cost.

LESS THAN $300.00 a year.

I don't know what type of Congressional circus committee Fluke "testified" in front of, but if it was in fact a legitimate Congressional hearing, what is the penalty for lying before Congress by claiming the cost for birth control pills (needed by her poor friend not for contraception, but for issues with her ovaries) was THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS?

I don't agree with the Catholic Church on their stance on birth control, but the issue IS NOT CONTRACEPTION, it's freedom of religion.

I consider myself very conservative, and I don't listen to Rush. He was completely stupid and out of line with his comments about Fluke. And I blame him for assisting the left in changing the dialog from forcing a religious institution to go against their moral values into some idiocy "War on Women" bull. This is a war on religion. No one is preventing anyone from buying birth control.

What's amazing, is that Rush's comments were on the MSM and practically every media outlet possible nearly every hour, but the left knew nothing about the vile things Maher has said and continues to say?

Perhaps that's because the media wouldn't dare report the vicious things Maher and Letterman and others think are funny about Sarah Palin, her down's syndrome baby and Letterman "joking" about Palin's 14 year old daughter getting knocked by a ballplayer when the family went to see a game. This was NOT Bristol, the young girl who was pregnant. This was 14 YEAR OLD Willow.

If someone on the right or left dared to make a comment like that about Obama's daughters, I would be outraged.

Obama felt the need to call Fluke because he never wanted his daughters to be called vile names. I don't want his daughters (or anyone's daughters) called those names.

But did he call Willow Palin to encourage her?

Rush is not the head of the GOP. Never was, never will be.

Has anyone from the left condemned Maxine Waters saying the Tea Party should go to hell? Did anyone from the left tell Andre Carson, his racist comments that the Tea Party wanted to hang African Americans was out of line?

Never heard any of that on the lame stream media.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like Rita and Joe said.
I get into it with liberal friends about this and their take is "her right to contraceptives". When I relate all of the above they say "I never knew". This is because they are honest people and not liberal shills.
Faced with the facts they weren't aware of, they do not convert, but they do admit.
The issue is, "why should I pay for Flukes recreational drug?".

Erin O'Brien said...

No, I don't think Rush should be forced off the air. I never said he should.

As for his influence, see Romney's mealy-mouthed response when asked about the controversy. And if you polled 1,000 average Americans and asked them "Who's the head of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh or Reince Priebus?" how many do you think would choose Priebus? How many of you reading this right now could have named Priebus yourself?

I used my own influence to kick Rush in the balls. I called my real estate agent and told him I would cancel all three of my policies with him if his parent company continued to advertise on Rush.

I told the manager of the Mini Cooper dealership that they'd lose my business as well if their ads continued.

As for Ed paying for "recreational drugs," it's awful nice of Ed to cover Fluke's insurance premiums. Hey Ed, will you cover mine too?

But y'all keep talking about it. Never was there a better way to lessen the GOPs popularity. Every woman in America is sighing, looking at her big fat HC insurance payroll deduction, and thinking, great, one more thing my insurance won't cover, Thanks, righties.

Erin O'Brien said...

Regarding libel, Rush only apologized because his lawyers told him he was in deep shit. He never would have otherwise.

Fluke is a private citizen. A closer look at media law shows private citizens have more protection from being libeled against than public figures. Palin, President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are all public figures, and by choosing to be in the public eye they have accepted they will be closely scrutinized – even criticized – by the people they serve.

That's why Jon Stewart can tease Joe Biden, the cast of "Saturday Night Live" can mimic Mitt Romney and, yes, Maher can even call Sarah Palin mean names.

But, Fluke never volunteered to be a public figure. That's why this is different. All she wanted was for Congress to reconsider their all-male hearing on drugs not a single one of them would use.

Rita said...

So Trig Palin is not considered to be a private citizen?

No, he's probably not, because if he was born to Ariel and Deborah Levy he is considered to be a "wrongful birth" baby.

Here's a newsflash to liberal women....conservative women don't form their opinions by what Rush says....conservative women don't believe that someone else should pay for their mortgage, student loans, birth control because they are just too helpless to do it for themselves.

Conservative women might be pro-choice, as long as the baby that is being aborted is afforded THEIR equal rights.

As a conservative woman, I am sick of being portrayed as some backwoods broad with three teeth left in my head because I don't burn my bra and insist on born-alive abortion babies being tossed in a linen closet until they die.

I made my own way in this life. If I had been promoted over a more qualified white male simply because I was a female, I would be disgusted.

I've worked with token women. Their only purpose in life is to make some liberal think they are doing some great service to the "underpriviledged" females.

And I just love how poll questions are worded to get the answer that the pollster wants.

If I was asked to pick between Rush and Priebus for the GOP head, I wouldn't answer the question. If the poll forced an answer, I would be forced to choose Rush


I have never heard of Priebus.

I'm a political junky and I have no clue who Priebus is.

I could google it, but I see no point in wasting my time since he/she? in no way affects my viewpoint on economical, social and global security issues.

Obviously liberals have absolutely no clue how conservative women think.

It suits their agenda to believe we just incredibly stupid.

That's fine, I don't have a problem when my opponent underestimates me.

Anonymous said...

How can a poll force a strong woman such as yourself to answer?
Why did you pick Rush since he doesn't influence your opinion either.

Joe said...


Therein is the problem -- there is no legitimate conservative, there is no legislation, no one has proposed that women cannot buy contraception. Rush never advocated that. But the President and liberals and even YOU are all lying in the narrative when you claim otherwise. You know damned well the issues is about the Government forcing private businesses/churches/individuals to provide coverage with which they do not agree.

There is a big difference between telling my company what to cover and telling the private person what to buy.

You have every right to boycott Limbaugh. Perpetuating the myth that Rush or anyone else is trying to take away access to contraception is a flat deception. It is politics, it is hypocrisy and it is sickening. As I said before, the willing press will spread this lie to the ignorant voters.

An uniformed populace the the Democratic Party's best friend.

Righties are not changing what a business covers in the HC premium. Liberals are trying to force businesses to ADD coverage. That is a big difference, and you should be able to see that.

Anonymous said...


Did you also request local advertisers to boycott MSNBC after a host on that network called a woman a slut? Or CBS after Letterman trashed a 14 year-old?

When does the moral indignation kick in? Is OK if the woman in question is conservative?

Perhaps the issue is all on the political beliefs of the host in question?

Rita said...

Anonymous said...
"How can a poll force a strong woman such as yourself to answer?
Why did you pick Rush since he doesn't influence your opinion either."

Wow. You're so right. I'm just a weak, helpless, conservative, ignorant broad that is forced to answer a poll question I prefer not to answer.

Much better for a conservative to never take any polls so that the media can tell you Obama's popularity is 98%.

Your response reveals how great you are at having an intelligent debate on differing opinions.

I give. I couldn't possibly match wits with someone of your intellect.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Been busy, missing all this.
If I'm an employer, and I pay for an employees coverage, and it includes "recreational drugs" (a point that seemed to escape Erin), then I am paying for said drugs. It was rhetorical.

Fred said...


Please stop "writing" about what "Every woman in America..." is thinking / feeling / wants, because you have no clue.

Anonymous said...

"Like it or not, Rush is viewed as the top spokesman of the GOP." Uh Erin, is that opinion or fact? Last time I checked there was some sort of pig wresting match going on for that honor. If in fact an unelected radio host is the mouthpiece of that party, who is the unelected mouthpiece of the Democratic party? I hope your stirring the pot so to speak because if you believe that the Republican party see's Rush as a spokesman official or unofficial then you need to stick to cooking and sex.

James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

You tell me, Joe, what is Rush trying to do when he refers to "abortion/birth control pills?" I think he's sowing the seeds to make them more difficult to access.

Seriously, what is he doing with that language?

Rita: Reince Priebus is the chairman of the Republican National Committee--essentially the top man in the GOP. He replaced Michael Steele in January 2011.

Ed: What about Viagra? Recreational or not?

James: see my response to "political junky" Rita above. She had no idea who the Priebus was and I think she's like most righties. I guess some would name McCain. Dunno. Who would you pic? As for Dem leadership, I think most people believe Obama to be the top dog, although Wasserman Schultz is the chair.

Rita said...

Hon, why don't you not try to speak for me anymore?

Rita said...

Most "righties" couldn't care less who is the official or unofficial head of the GOP.

Based on your assumption, conservatives are supposed to base all their political views according to what Priebus tells us to think?

Is that the way it works for the Democrats? Do they base all their beliefs on what DWS tells them to believe?

Maybe so. Not much different from her talking points and Mahers.

Anonymous said...

Erin, is that lemming thing? Do you actually believe that one person, elected or otherwise is the spokesperson for either party. Pretty shallow thinking, then again it might be true for the democrats. Personally I think Pelosi is the mouthpiece for the democrats. I lean republican and from my chair there is not a spokesperson official or unofficial for that party. It really doesn't matter if there was one, the whole liberal community would be calling him or her every name under the sun, making up half truths and lies. I do have one question. Is Obama the President of the whole country or the Democratic mouthpiece on a continuous campaign to stay in power?
Another minor question. If I was a died in the wool republican and did follow without question some mouthpiece where would I get information on this creature? Would it be CNN, NBC, CBS,ABC or Fox.


Erin O'Brien said...

Do you actually believe that one person, elected or otherwise is the spokesperson for either party.


Is Obama the President of the whole country or the Democratic mouthpiece on a continuous campaign to stay in power?

Unless there's some other president I don't know about, Obama is the President of the whole country.

If I was a died in the wool republican and did follow without question some mouthpiece where would I get information on this creature?

Not sure. "Ditto-heads" follow a guy named Rush. You can find plenty of information on him on Mr. Gore's Interwebs. Or you could google "John Boehner" or "Mitch McConnell." Mabye that'll work for you.

Rita said...

James OG:

Obviously we conservatives are just too stoooopid to actually form our opinion unless Rush or Priebus or some other talking head tells us what to think.

I'm seeing more and more of this condescending tone coming from the left again. The "poll" supposedly conducted among the "ignorant" people in MS and AL. The "comedy" video going around purporting to report the ignorant conservatives in MS.

Of course, I'm just some hick from the midwest, but the last time the left started this condescending campaign against the flyover states, it kinda backfired. Unless the leftist were happy with losing the house in record numbers and nearly losing the senate.

Anonymous said...

I am confused by the left, continued support for a President who has failed in every way possible. They can continue to blame the Republicans for his failures but even a minor bit of research will show this administration has major issues with telling the truth or even coming close. The latest estimates from the government shows Obama's claim on his health care program to be double what he claims.
As far as Rush, I have never listened to him, he is a showman, a clown as are most of the talking heads from either side. While the right does have some religious wack jobs, they are more than offset by the lefties who hate this country and every thing it stands for. In my opinion the vast majority of this country would prefer to be independents but in doing so you give up any choice in most states as far as picking a candidate. This bullshit battle over a talking head and some girl who was paid to testify is just another distraction from the real issues.


Erin O'Brien said...

I don't consider myself a Dem, but a left-leaning independent.

I never called anyone stupid in this thread, nor did I accuse "the right" of listening solely to Rush. I just cited what I believe to be his significant influence. I also did not pledge my support for Obama.

I responded to hoose's claim of "chirpity chirp," and laid out my reaction to the situation.

As for Letterman's bad joke umpteen months ago, I think he'd already issued an apology by the time I'd heard about it.

Y'all sure can (ahem) extrapolate.

Anonymous said...

My last comment was not directed at you, as hard as it is to believe there are other blogs out there that I do read. I have made comments on your blog, but I tend to not to comment when I can see the replies going to the attack and not discuss modes. I won't point out any of these extreme liberal or extreme conservative blogs, as I am sure you are intelligent enough to find them for yourself.
We as a people are being played by the press, congress and the President. Its all smoke and mirrors to keep the real issues from being talked about and dealt with on a responsible level. We are in a war we shouldn't be, we have oil prices driven by speculation, we have the government owning what should be a private company. We have a government telling us what we can eat, what kind of toilet we can use, what light bulb is acceptable and doing everything but what they are overpaid to do.
We as a country can't be the answer to everything. Sooner or later hard choices have to be made. If I were King I would start with beheading lawyers.


Erin O'Brien said...

we have oil prices driven by speculation


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