March 14, 2012

Through the looking glass

Only the political left can spend more than the year before, but not as much as they  wanted to spend, and call it a budget cut.

Only the left can try to force a business to add coverage to their employer-provided benefits and when the business complains, accuse said business of trying to take something away.

That is the current "contraception" kerfuffle in a nutshell. The Obamaites decreed that all PRIVATE businesses should now provide coverage for contraceptive pills/devices in their insurance plans. Except the Catholic Church has some severe religious issues with that notion. Remember the famed wall between Church and State?  Isn't that also a wall between State and Church? Now, somehow, protecting the religious freedom of private citizens has become a so-called "war on women".

Some on the Left would have you believe the business and Churches and "Righties" in general want to take away your access to birth control pills. This is like advocating 3+3=11. No one is advocating there should be no access to contraception.  The argument is whether the Government can force a private business to pay for certain benefits.

 Note the term is benefit -- an extra, like vacation or paid holidays. An incentive to get you to work at that business. Should the Feds dictate mandatory vacation days? Heck, I negotiated my vacation time when I came to work at my current employer.  I did not want to start over at one week. Should the Government determine how much vacation we get? Why should the Feds tell us what insurance we are offered? Hey, my last employer had much better life insurance, it is not fair!

This is all about moving to a single-payer, national health system. When the real cost of this "free" coverage mandated by the State kicks in, then there will be a hue and cry to nationalize the whole system.

Just remember all you Progressives out there -- as I heard a commenter say on the radio -- when the State provides contraception, it is only a step from them forcing you to take them. 


Woodman said...

One of the crazier parts is that this isn't even an employer/employee benefit.

The school requires students have medical insurance and the plan they offer themselves doesn't cover contraceptives, but she could have secured her own policy that did.

The cost of the insurance offered by the university was $1,895. Not much room for $3,000 worth of contraceptives there. Even if someone managed to pay that much for contraceptives to begin with.

I bet if she bought a plan that cost $4,900 she would get her contraceptives covered.

Rita said...

Or she could just pay for the contraception out of her pocket for less than $300 per year.

I didn't pull that number out of the air, I priced it at a Walgreens less than 2 miles from Georgetown.

CnC said...

Rita, you are getting facts mixed up with perfectly good leftist propagana.

Rita said...

Shoot, you're right CnC. But then again I'm not a very strong woman who can think for myself like Anon says in Outraged against Rush comments below.

What was I thinking?

I should just let those more enlightened and tolerant people discuss issues.

Sorry Joe. I'll probably go cry in the corner because I realize I can't deal with discussing political issues with "those" heavyweights.

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