April 27, 2012

The burden is heavy, and he ain't my brother

Four Billion dollars.
Every year.
Four billion dollars given to illegal aliens in fraudulent tax returns. the IRS knows, and does not care.

I watched this last night. It is not good for an old man to get so pissed off before bed.  I know you guys never click links, but trust me on this one. Click. read. watch.

We know who is hiring and paying these illegals. It is right there on the tax form. Fine the employers. $10,000 for the first illegal. $20,000 for the second. $40,000 for the third.  Throw them in jail if they continue.

Quit giving free stuff to "undocumented" people.. Take away the jobs.  Boom, bang and the illegal/undocumented/criminal  problem is fixed. No need for moats or walls or the army to protect the border.  If there are no jobs and no free stuff they won't come.

Four billion dollars. every year.  Sadly, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost illegal aliens put on American citizens.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Most of that is probably packaged into donations to the Won's re-election campaign.

Jean said...

(I think you need three more zeroes.)

Joe said...


I could give excuses, but who would believe me anyway. There is a reason I was a history major.

Jean said...

Shit happens, Joe. So do typos.

Jim - PRS said...

"If there are no jobs and no free stuff they won't come."

Absolutely. And, those who are already here will leave.

Makes me crazy.

Rita said...

I dvr'd the news the first night this was to be on. Hard to believe that our local news manages to be more investigative journalism than the national news could ever manager.

We need to keep screaming about this until someone does something. I have a half-written post on it myself.

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