April 27, 2012

Example #137 of my stupidity

I try not to dwell on my health problems around here. No one wants to here about that. I sometimes relate tales of my ongoing war with my bowels (likely medicine-induced according to the Doctor). Farts and turds and shitting of the pants is funny, in an eighth grade sort of way. I have no issues pandering to the lowbrow.

Most of you are probably aware I am diabetic. Genetics and years of overeating coupled with a lack of exercise can do that to you *. I waited until I had severe problems with my feet before I went to the doctor, because ignoring health problems always makes them go away.



OK, never. I know that now.

Anyway,  I have nerve damage in my feet.  It is getting a little better but occasionally I have issues. Last night I hit the side of my big toe on the edge of a door. I did not really feel it much.  I looked down and saw some skin was torn on the edge of the toe.. Without thinking,  I reached down and pulled off the scrap of skin -- along with most of the outer layers of  skin from the bottom of my right big toe.

On the bright side, it didn't hurt -- remember the nerve damage? On the dangerous side, people with diabetes have to be very aware of foot injuries, especially the toes. Thick, syrupy blood does not like to travel to the extremities and sores on the feet and toes can lead to those same toes and feet being cut off as scrap. That toe may be minus a toenail, but I am pretty fond of it there on the end of my foot. The toe is still seeping blood this afternoon.  I am going to have to keep my eye on things and if there is no improvement I WILL head to the doctor on Monday. This is not like a cough that lingers for a month or so...

Oh and for the record, every post this week was published live. No canned content for my loyal readers -- even when I was deep in the heart of the Land of the Cheeseheads.

* I am 50 pounds lighter and walk 2-3 miles every day.  My blood sugar is under pretty good control through diet, exercise and medication.


Ralphd00d said...

Sounds like you are doing good health-wise considering! Keep up the good work!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for your dedication.

Mockingbird said...

Keep it going Joe.

CnC said...

It must have been a good day for toe banging. I smashed the shit out of my little toe last night, this morning it was purple and swollen. I got real good nerves tho and it hurts like hell today.
I wouldnt trade my toe pain for your lack of toe pain. good luck with the healing. maybe we should wear steel toed slippers around the house Joe!

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