April 1, 2012


I had hoped to make it to 200,000 readers.

Seven years of my crap is enough.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Come on now.
You've got good stuff to say.
Maybe not every day.
Pace yourself.
I'm being selfish here.
BTW I'm up to maybe 10 readers. I don't have the tools to determine.
I've learned some good stuff here.
You pointed me to Rickenbacker's memoirs and Civil War stuff.

It 's the quality of the readership, not the quantity.
And you improve your reader's quality.

How about keep posting Weekend Funny at the minimum?

Fred said...

Ha ha.

Veeeery funny.

You can't quit today. It's my birthday.

Joe said...

Best wishes for the happiest of days Fred. You were born on an interesting date, no?

Jean said...

April Fool!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Now, was Fred fooling also?

Rita said...

Then if Fred's birthday's today, mine's tomorrow.

CnC said...

I like all ya all's bloggin keep em coming

f said...

Heh. My mom says it's the reason I was born with red hair and blue eyes, and three months later had blonde hair and a green eye and a brown eye.

The red and blue were an April fools joke.

My one brother (in typical fashion) got the better date though: 4th of July.

Fredwina said...

Oops. Premature publish there.

That was me.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I don 't believe a freaking word of it...
You'll be back!

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