April 1, 2012

Amen, brother

I would put a link, but you will not click it. You never click the links, you link haters. Instead I am going to lift the whole post and hope he does not mind. James Old Guy has it it dead on:
The truth is the majority of people who actually work, pay taxes and have a daily fight to make ends meet don’t really give a fuck about anything other than their own little piece of this planet. We have a government that is more interested in pandering to special interest groups than the majority of hard working people in this country. This can be said for both political parties and personally I am tired of it , very tired. I tired of stupid and lazy people, we have a country full of shitheads, people who can’t think, people who refuse to realize that life is not fair, everything cost something, and there is no free lunch. We elect pretty boys and so called smart women to positions that they are not even close to being qualified to fill. The end is coming , it is too late to fix, the things that made this country great are forgotten or thrown on the trash pile by special interest groups. The middle class is going away, and in my point of view we can blame the fucking liberal atheist racist democrats and the worthless utra conservatives for the destruction. May you all rot in hell.
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I wish I had said that.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Just to spite you, and prove you wrong, I followed the link.
You retyped it exactly as he had written it.

Anonymous said...

No Problem HB
Thanks for the traffic.

CnC said...

Do so click on links, do so.
Your right about JOG's post, dead on brother, dead on. good on ya JOG

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