April 21, 2012


There are a lot of men and women in law enforcement who are great people.  They put their lives on the line every day. I am sure dealing with the scum of society, criminals and liars on a constant basis would taint your view of the populace as a whole.

But just this week we have see the other side of the coin as it appears the thin blue line has reached out to protect its own in Indianapolis.

Then last night on the news was a segment that also jaundiced my perception of the boys in blue. The story was the crackdown in Bloomington, IN on underage drinking for the Little 500 Weekend.  This is the annual event captured in the movie Breaking Away. It is a huge party weekend.

Two girls were captured on film. One, who was 23, came from a liquor store. The police pulled the car over as the girls did not look of age.  The passenger, and the one who bought the beer was 23.  The driver was underage. Apparently, transporting booze if you are underage is against the law. The cop gave warning tickets. The girl who was old enough was upset. She got a warning ticket for allowing the underage girl to drive a car with alcohol in it. I agree, that is bullshit. I am certain that is not the intention of the law.

She was tearfully complaining to the cop that she thought it was not right, she was of age. She maintain she should not be in trouble for doing something perfectly legal. The cop looked at her and told her her complaining made him change his mind and he went and wrote both girls a real ticket and had the underage girl arrested. All because a citizen had the temerity to complain about what she thought was unjustified police harassment. You could tell by the cops attitude he was disappointed the booze buyer was old enough and was going to justify his stop in any way possible. he was pissed the girls did not thank him for only passing a warning ticket. The switch from a warniing to real tickets just made him petty and tyranical.

I am sure this cop and his buddies laughed later about how he "gave her something to really complain about". Plus he made Bloomington a bunch of money.

Too bad about the record these girls now have when they really did nothig wrong.


Dax Montana said...

Cops are dicks…yes all cops…yes… your brother, father, mother, uncle…dicks every one. First there must be some mental factor that draws people to the profession. However, no matter how noble one’s intentions are…the training /militarization of the local police force turn cops into dicks, jerks, jack-booted thugs…every one of them. Just like that neighbor’s dog, damn good dog, until that day they turn on you and bite your ass.
More and more I keep reading about cops…handcuffing 5-year olds…the school drug cop using a taser on a school kid…go Google that…I didn’t make it up…it’s this weekend warrior, paramilitary training that turns all cops into….
And you write about a cop giving a ticket…a ticket…his captain just called him in…he needs re training…he didn’t beat one of those resisters. Just Damn!

Greybeard said...

So Dax, why don't you become a cop and begin to change things?
Yeah, I thought so.
It's an underpaid, terrible job, mostly done by folks who feel the need to serve their neighbors.
I know. I was one of 'em for a while, and quit because I didn't want to be paid that poorly while dealing with folks who thought "All cops are dicks."

Ed Bonderenka said...

To say "all cops are dicks", you demonstrate an omniscience I don't think you have.
What you do have is an attitude towards cops.
I wonder if they pick up on that.
My nephew, and my cousin, and my friend are not dicks.
You might be right about the rest.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Oh, and GB's not a dick.

Anonymous said...

Remember that school yard bully?, How about the football player that wasn't good enough for college? That is what makes up 80% of law enforcement and Dax is right most of them are pricks, ate up with their own importance,thinking they are the law. My son in law was a cop fired for crossing the line and reporting another cop for killing a dog that was no threat. Trumped up some bullshit charges that I know for a fact were 100% bullshit. I have no use for any of them. Yeah go ahead and give me the bullshit about protecting society, they don't they are just crooks with a fucking badge that make up their own rules as they go along. Fuck em all. I don't need one.
James Old Guy

Yabu said...

That is so wrong...I can see a suit coming out of that one, not that I agree with suits. The day when the people roll over when arrested for something "legal" is the day we start the downhill run. I'd get all up over that one if it was me.

Hey teacher... said...

Dax Montana said...

"Cops are dicks…yes all cops..."

Yeah and ALL teachers are assholes and ALL priests are pedophiles and ALL salesmen are con artists and ALL doctors are money grubbing shitbags and Dax Montana is the sole purveyor of truth and justice in this vast wasteland we call the U.S. of A. He should run for the office of supreme, omnipotent ruler of the universe because he probably thinks GOD is a jerk too.

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