April 3, 2012

That Freddie, she is as sharp as the knives in my kitchen

And that is really sharp.

After spending last week on vacation, I am buried at work. I am not sure how Freddie figured out the posts were canned, but she did. I guess I am not as clever as I imagined. There is a lesson to be learned here that I will probably ignore. I am hard headed like that.

After work yesterday I mowed the weed choked wall of green that is my yard. I then trimmed some bushes and attempted various other yard-work type duties. Today I am sore and my fingers are filled with splinters and slivers of nature and my arms are scratched like I was wrestling cats.

Last night I found a cartoon that sums up my work plans for today:

Not really, I have plenty to do, but I would like to play hooky.  The weather is supposed to be fine. I stayed up way too late last night reading Game of Thrones. I am late to the party for this series. I don't have HBO and I do not like SF or fantasy as a general rule, so I have not read the books until my son insisted I give it a read.  I must confess, it is good stuff. I will likely finish the first volume this week.


Freddie said...

Guess there's just a certain "feel" to a fresh post.

Have a good day.

Freddie said...

Not that I can't appreciate a canned post.

I get it though.

Joe said...

some of them were pretty stale -- written almost a month in advance.

Jean said...

It's that intuitive thing that so many moms have.

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