April 2, 2012

Why Trayvon?

In technical terms, bunches of folks are shot and killed every day in these United States. Some are shot by people with different levels of melanin in the skin tissue. Lately, the nation has gone into hysterics because a guy with a white-sounding name shot a guy with a black-sounding name in a scuffle about which noone knows the details. But the race baiters and anger mongers are fanning the flame of discontent. There is a full effort to inflame the passions of the minority community. Marches and protests and table thumping has ensued at levels we have not witnessed for years.

Why? Ask yourself what is it about this isolated case that has brought the Reverends Al and Jessie out in full anger mode? Why is it essential we identify one half of the tragedy as a white Hispanic?

Why the anger over this case? Why? Clinton bombed and aspirin factory to cover the reports of getting Monicad in the Oval Office. Did you notice ObamaCare was getting a hearing in Court this week? Whether the Government has the power to dictate what is best for you is the essence of the argument before the Highest Court in the Land.

Why Trayvon? Did you notice the Obama bragging to his fellow travelers, ex-Coomie bastards from the KGB that once he is re-elected he can do whatever the Hell he wants and there ain't nothin' the bitter clingers can do about it?

Why the hoopla?  I have no answers. But it is something to think about.

My inner Nostradamus is kicking in about now. I think the Black Community is getting frenzied for a reason. I think should The One be fired in November we will see cities aflame reminiscent of the heady days of Rodney King. Places like East L.A., and Newark, and Gary, and East St. Louis and Detroit will wash in violence and flame and hatred. Chicago just might again be the hot town celebrated in Mrs. O'Leary's day.

Someone has a plan.  Someone is behind all of this. Someone is trying to find the spark to set the American Reichstag aflame.  Who, Why?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Weimar is a verb now, as in "we are being Weimar'd."

Anonymous said...

Very strange not much from the Hispanic community,,,,,yet.
I am not sure about the rest of the country but here it is a hidden war between the Black community and the Hispanic community, the only difference I have seen is the Hispanic's tend not to run to the cops.
James Old Guy

Rita said...

They have boiled this pot so high it's gonna blow here real quick. No one seems interested in turning down the rhetoric. They'll only be happy when they are dragging Zimmerman behind a truck. Meanwhile, any further update on the five black teenagers shot in Indianapolis?

Where were the marches across the country when Officer David Moore was killed last year by a black man on a peaceful Sunday morning?

Instead we have NBC editing Zimmerman's words on the 911 call to ignore that he answered a question by the dispatcher to make it sound like he was racist. And now ABC is reporting that the video of Zimmerman going into the police station DOES show a wound to the back of his head.

But we shouldn't let facts decide our sense of justice. Just put out a bounty on a man's head and the DOJ will ignore you if you are putting your money on their chosen subject.

This whole episode has been more than a little disgusting.

mts1 said...

Amazing how we keep hearing "white" guy Zimmerman did this. James made a good point, and I'll expand. There are areas of south central LA that were all black 20 years ago, that are now all Mexican. Their gangs knocked the black gangs who thought they were "original G's" into the dirt. Mexicans are rips**t hard on blacks. And like James said, you never hear of this.

Another thing you don't hear is how urban blacks simply hate Koreans. Korean immigrants opened businesses in black inner city areas that the Jews left after the 60's riots and red lining, succeeded, and their success made them hated. Remember scenes of Koreans on their rooftops with rifles, defending their shops? Blacks were torching Korean shops, even if there was nothing to loot, just to be d**ks, even though these people had their families holed up in there behind the rolling shutters.

The thing to do is make this quit being a white black thing, and ask the Hispanics what the blacks got against them. The Hispanics won't get tarred with the racist brush, so they won't give a hoot with their response.

The people who want blood in the streets are never the ones in the streets, so its never their blood.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...


The five black teenagers shot in Indianapolis were victims of black-on-black violence. Travon is clearly more important to our local black community, since he was shot by a white Hispanic.

Remember, it's all about the narrative with these people.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The people who want blood in the streets are never the ones in the streets, so its never their blood.

Which is why they need to be the first ones up against the wall, come the revolution.

Dave said...

Joe, I hope and pray you're wrong, but I fear you hit the nail squarely on the head.

Erin O'Brien said...

Why this case? Because Florida is the only state with a prosecution immunity clause as part of their "stand your ground" legislation.

The law also included a provision that grants “immunity” from prosecution or civil suit if a person is deemed to have acted in self-defense, though lawmakers did not clearly specify exactly who bestows the immunity.--the Miami Herald

Since the only other witness was dead, the cops had no choice but to release Zimmerman. Had this happened anywhere but FLA, a judge and jury would have decided if Zimmerman was guilty of homicide/murder or if he was acting in self defense. They would be reviewing the 911 tapes, police reports, etc.

FLA law enforcement vigorously opposed the 2005 law precisely because of this stupidity.

When you have a dead body and no trial, people will try the case themselves in the court of public opinion.

As for the hate crime business, since Zimmerman is immune from prosecution under FLA law, they had to find a FED law to throw at him.

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