May 9, 2012

Boo Bleeping Hoo

Senator Richard Luger lost his re-election bid yesterday, ending more than three decades in Washington. Perhaps if Luger had remembered in recent years that the 'R" behind his name stood for Republican instead of "Reach across the aisle", he would still have a job.

In an interview yesterday as his campaign was dieing an inglorious death, all Luger could manage was a bleating cry for Independents and Democrats to save him. If Senator Luger had bothered to remain true to his constituent's conservative leanings he would never have to ask for Democrat help, and just as importantly, they would not have done it. Oh wait, the liberals did not help him in any case.

This morning  I am seeing lamentations on the loss of Senator Luger.  Mathew Tully of the Indianapolis Star (look it up yourself)  writes that we all lose since Luger was a great reacher across the aisle.. Many are worried that the new Republican candidate, Richard Mourdoch, is too hard line.  Why is it always important for conservatives to compromise?  Was Tully writing editorials exhorting the Democrats to compromise on ObamaCare or The Stimulus? Why is it when a conservative wants to cut spending and a liberal wants to spend more, the only fair compromise is to spend not-quite-as-much? We have a plethora of elder Republican statesmen who routinely work with the Democrats (to get Democrat ideas passed), but where are the great reachers from the left side of the aisle? Does that mythical compromise door only open toward the left?

Maybe it is well past time that we send representatives to Congress who are in the reduce spending - reduce bureaucracy - reduce Government mode. Maybe we have had enough  when it comes to a lot of growth, or maybe just slightly less than a lot of growth compromise. Maybe it is time we sent to Congress a whole bunch of people willing to say not just "No", but "Hell No"..

Maybe the folks writing the editorials should kiss my ass, and the left butt cheek of the Conservatives in Indiana.  We know what values we want our Representative to exhibit. We voted accordingly. We frankly do not care what some liberal reporter or PoliSci prof thinks about it.

Message sent. 


Mrs. Fredwina T. said...

"Oh wait, the liberals did not help him in any case."

Um, duh.

I've got a scar on that left cheek. They can kiss that.

Always remember: "There's more than coooooorn in Indiana..."


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm thinking Lugar was more of a master of the reacharound than of the reach across.

And I'm also thinking it would have been nice to be kissed first for most of the last couple of his terms.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an another RINO bites the dust.
James Old Guy

Yabu said...

Good post...double damn hell no! I think we need to fire 'em all, both sides, and start the hell over.

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