May 10, 2012

Head scratchin' here, boss

So...if dinosaur farts and belches contributed to global warming and led to their own demise as recently reported, a few questions are in order. There is no evidence a new dinosaur species arrived in the last days of the Dinos.  I have not see the fossil remains of Gasosaurus Rex. There is also no evidence there was a mass consumption of sauerkraut or lima beans at some global dinosaur picnic. We can only come to the conclusion the methane build up from Fartasaurs and Belchasaurs was a slow global warming death, inching the temperatures a Celsius or two every few centuries.

That said, unless the theory of evolution did not apply to Barney's ancestors, wouldn't natural selection favored those dinosaurs best suited to live in warmer temperatures? Isn't the theory that the velociraptors and triceratops would have improvised, adapted and overcame a gradual rise in temperatures? Instead, we are told the evidence points to a rapid decline in dinosaurs at a given point in time.

Perhaps I just did not pay enough attention in biology. 

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