May 17, 2012

The end of an era

For twenty years It has been my duty to get the kids up for school while the wife got ready for work. It started when my daughter began kindergarten back in 1992 and continued with my oldest son when he entered the education system two years later.  My youngest followed a few years after that. At one point I had one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school.

Today my youngest will attend high school for the last time. Graduation is not until June 2, but he has a GPA of 3.5 and will not have to take finals next week nor attend tomorrow's final review day.  In the fall he will be off to Indiana University to start a new phase of life and education, one that will involve an alarm clock that is not his old man.

So, for my youngest son, I offer up the great trifecta of end-of-school-year rock and roll:


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congrats to you all !

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