May 18, 2012

Rapidly changing topics -- try to keep up

I rarely dream, if I do I don't remember what happened in the dark recesses of my brain. Last night was different. I had rich detailed dreams. Don't worry, I am not going to relate them here.  Dreams are confusing and make no sense in the light of day. Besides, who would believe a story about a middle aged white guy with a funny sounding semi-German last name as a member of the Cosa Nostra?

We are all products of our environment. How then is this possible? My Mom has no accent at all, her tone and pronunciation is the flat Midwestern Johnny Carson American adopted by newscaster across the nation. My dad sounds like your typical Central Indiana Hoosier, with a dash of Pittsburgh thrown in. My brother has the Northern Indiana accent heard in da Region, yet not full-on Chicago intonation.  If you live in that part of Indiana, you know what I am talking about. I speak with that unique cross-bred Kentucky/ Midwest twang heard "south of 70" throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Linguists and sociologist maintain we learn our language as much from peers and school as our families.  I guess my family is living proof of that theory. I suppose I did hang out with a lot of white trash during my formative years in north central Indiana.


That is what the signs should have read. earlier this week, Union members protested at a Wellpoint stockholder's meeting in downtown Indianapolis. The reason they were picketing the health care Insurance giant? because Wellpoint had the audacity to donate money to politicians. Imagine, Unions, who donate by the millions to politicians, complaining someone else follows suit! One brave radio reporter had the audacity to point out to the Union speaker that the Union gave more money in the last cycle to Hoosier politicians than did Wellpoint. Of course to the Union goon, that was completely different; the Union was looking to 'protect their interests'. I guess Wellpoint just gives away money 'cause they don't like the coppery smell of pennies and think the picture of Lincoln on a five-spot is creepy?

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