May 11, 2012

Example 1,619,432 of Occupy Wall Street Ignorance

Here we see the true ignorance and lack of understanding of your average "Occupier".

This is really just sad.


Rita said...

I used to regularly read all OWS meetings and discussions on their website. Didn't get my opinion through any news source, just directly from the Occupiers' own words. By and large they were just a bunch of lazy kids that wanted everything for free. They blew through $700,000 in just a few months and only when it became apparent that the money wouldn't last forever, then a few became to expect some financial transparency. Of course those in charge of the money didn't want to explain where it was going all the while screaming about how corrupt the evil Capitalists are. It was like one massive experiment in why socialism doesn't work.

Sadly not one of the idiots learned anything from their experiment.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

They must have pissed off Uncle Sam & the Raciss-In-Chief something fierce, because they made the DHS list of "enemy belligerents" and got Congress to enact anti-protest legislation...
BTW, NDAA 2012 goes into effect in less than three weeks. See you in the gulags - I mean "re-education facilities".

CnC said...

Perfect example of "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world".
This poor sap in that video didnt get this stupid on his own. Either his parents were complete dildos, or his teachers/college profs were. He has been indoctrinated from early on, now he just blathers noise and thinks he is being profound. He has no idea how profoundly idiotic he sounds to normal people.
We lost the schools a long time ago. Now we have lost a generation.
God help us

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