May 16, 2012

Quick Thoughts

I suspect if lawmakers were not allowed to put their name on bills, we would have a few less laws. The egomaniacs who yearn for public office could not stand it if they were not associated by name with legislation (for example "Frank-Dodd").

Maybe we should pass a Constitutional Amendment that only allows a new law to be passed if an old one is taken off the books? Lawmakers (that title says it all) cannot help themselves.

By the same token, politicians should not have their name on public buildings/roads/parks.  Most of the public signage in West Virginia would have to be changed if we removed Robert Byrd's name.

Members of Congress should make 10% over the median American annual wage. I bet they would not stick around for 30 years then.

Are you ready for your taxes to increase 10-20% starting in January? You are about to get whacked. Here is a secret the Democrats do not want you to know -- the hated Bush tax cuts benefited the lowest earners and middle class most of all. BOHICA Baby.

1 comment:

Rita said...

You mean Cornelius has his name on a KKK street?

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