May 15, 2012

Spread the Wealth

I like  money. I want more of it. I want to earn as much as possible, and I would take a handful of found money should it come my way. I would have no problem with owning a nice car and a big house. Hell, I would live in a gated community if I could afford it. I would smoke expensive cigars and drink fine wine. I would vacation at the beautiful places. I am comfortable with that position.

The median income in the US is $44,329 according to the notoriously inaccurate Wikipedia. I suspect that figure is close enough for the purposes of this post.

George Clooney recently held a fundraiser for The Obama.  It costs $40,000 a person to attend. I can live with that.  People should spend their wealth in any way they see fit. If the leftists want to plop down the equivalent of the average American's annual wages for dinner, so be it.

My problem is these limousine liberals are all about supporting the redistribution of wealth, as long as it is someone else's. If George Clooney or Jeffrey Katzenburg really believed the bullshit about "at some point a person has made enough money", they should be donating a little more of their hard-earned cash. I will care about George Clooney's political rants when I read he donated all but $44,329 of his next movie contract to charity.  Wouldn't that be fair? I will respect Toby Maguire when I learn he is living in a three bedroom ranch out in Tarzana. I will listen to Streisand's leftist screeds when I see her shopping at WalMart.

How many people who attended Clooney's shindig arrived in a limo or a big SUV and lamented the lack of action on global warming? Do you think J.J. Abrams arrived in a 2002 Honda Civic?

Warren Buffett and his ilk have paraded on TV and before Congress asking for taxes to be raised on the rich.  But not one of those hypocritical bastards have the gumption to write a check to the treasury.  There is no law preventing overpaying of taxes. If you think you are not paying your fair share, pony up, brother. President Obama rants that the rich should pay their fair share -- 30% at least.  But he did not write a check to the treasury when his returns showed he only owed 21%. Put your money where your mouth is you hypocrites.

That is the problem with your average leftist Democrat progressive.  They are free with my money and your money. All that is important is the idea. Good intention is far more important to these people than actual accomplishment. Just as in Soviet Russia and Communist China, the average Joe lived in misery standing in line for bread and rationed toilet paper, while the elites lived it up with special housing, stores, food and even elite driving lanes on the streets. Fair and equal is for the common people.

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Woodman said...

Keep in mind, your money is their money.

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