June 7, 2012


I tried three times to publish a D-Day post yesterday.  Every time I hit "publish", Blogger gave me a blank screen.  If I moved off the blank screen, I lost my post.

I guess I am down to three options. Let Google be the boss of me and install Chrome. Move to my backup Wordpress blog, or quit altogether.

I sure hate to be told what to do.

update.  Ok, it looks like this post went up.  I guess it was the pictures that caused problems yesterday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I use Firefox with no issues.
And I like Chrome also.
Both seem to work with Blogger no prob.
I hate IE.

Anonymous said...

My laptop uses Firefox with no issues, but it is in for updates again so I am using my steam driven just slightly better than a Comador 64 windows desktop machine


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