June 7, 2012

I bought my wireless router six years ago. At the time it was a good one. It had to run my laptop. Just my laptop. Today we are using wireless on a wide assortment of electronics from laptops to iPads to phones to printers. Throw in the internet phone from work and the X-Box and Playstation and we have serious wireless problems. If the boy booted up a game, everyone else lost wireless for a moment.

I purchased a new router yesterday.  The electronics guy assured me my new one is powerful enough to run everything at once. I was set to go top-of-the line but he brought me down one level. You don't see that often.

As usual, I opted to start the installation around 10:00 last night. It should have been easy. Of course, I had to call my ISP. He walked me through some setup issues and I was finally off and 'puting a little after midnight. The router is secured by complicated password, and the household devices are reset to the new network. Except the printer. I cannot remember how to set up the wireless printer.

Age and not tech-savy is a bad combination.

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Anonymous said...

Windows 7 will help find your printer but it will assign a new IP. Mine keeps changing IP addies for the printer might be time for a new router mine is getting overloaded.
James Old Guy

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